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Book Review: Fatal Kiss, by Viola Tempest

I accepted a copy of Viola Tempest‘s Fatal Kiss for review, thought R&R Book Tours.
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Can an obsession go too far?

After her last experience with men, one that changed her life forever, Geneva Beck never thought she’d fall in love. That is, until she meets Luke. One look, and she finds herself instantly hooked.

However, her feelings are not reciprocated, thrown aside as Luke chases after another woman. But her ravenous vampiric instincts refuse to let her quit.

When seduction fails to lure him in, she becomes desperate and begins to neurotically stalk him, breaking into his home and attacking his new girlfriend, at the same time, failing to notice that someone else is obsessed with her.

Will Geneva succeed and finally have Luke to herself? Or will her fixation on one man cause her to lose the love of her life forever?

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This story had an interesting idea, but unfortunately the writing is quite prosaic and there’s just nothing about the characters or plot to enjoy. The characters are shallow and unlikable (almost all of them). There’s no one to root for or care about. The story is largely told (not shown). So, the reader feels distanced from the events. And they’re such random, cringe-worthy events that I just wanted to get through it and call the whole thing done. And the ending didn’t feel so much like a twist, as that the author didn’t know how to end the story, so she left it random chance. All in all, not a winner for me.

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