11 year blogiversay

It’s my 11-year Blog-iversary, apparently

@seesadieread #greenscreen I don’t do anything to particularly promote it. It’s more a book journal than anything else. But 11years is nothing to sneeze at. #blogaversary #bookblogger #seesadieread #booktok #booktoker #books #blogger @SadieF ♬ original sound – SadieF

It’s a good thing I put my blog-iversary on the calendar at some point in the past, or I would never remember it. But today, it’s apparently been 11 years since I started this blog (with no real idea what it would become).

It’s been a fun ride. Every now and again, I get dreams of grandeur and imagine doing some promotion and building a following. But ultimately, I always set them aside because that really isn’t who I am. I like being basically anonymous on the internet and would be uncomfortable knowing too many people are paying attention to me.

I post my reviews because I enjoy reviewing books and because the constant accumulation of said reviews makes the list-maker in me happy. I get a lot of satisfaction just scrolling through my review pages—and there are a lot of them. I’ve never counted them all up; however, as of today, there are 2,129 published pages on See Sadie Read. Not all of them are book reviews, but the vast majority are. That’s a lot of reading, a lot of thinking about books, and a lot of afternoons spent at the computer. It’s something to be proud of, and I am.

So, here’s to me and the next 11 years.

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