Just a (not so) humble brag

being-loved-by-somebody-is-the-best-feeling-in-the-worldSo, today was an unexpectedly good day. Well, to be honest, most of it was pretty ho-hum—school run, feeding the home-bound child, let the dog in, out, in, out, in, feed the home-bound child again, school run, three hair cuts, grocery run, piano lesson for one, guitar lesson for another, more tea than can possibly be healthy, etc. Then my husband got home. Nothing special so far, but with him came a surprise.

Out of completely nowhere he sent the girls over to me with a small package. The seven-year-old was bouncing about, all excited. The four-year-old was in a sulk because the box wasn’t for her. She handed it over begrudgingly though and inside was a brand new Kindle Voyage! “Surprise,” he said.

Kindle Voyage

My birthday is not until August. It’s to late for Christmas, too early for Valentines. Our anniversary is in June. He really just bought me a random present. *Swoon*

His comment when I asked why? (Because I can’t just graciously accept a gift, can I? It’s a failing of mine.) “Well, it’s not like you didn’t get enough use out of the last one. I mean the pence-per-page cost of your old Kindle Touch has to be next to nothing.” All of which is absolutely true. (He’s English, BTW, thus the pence instead of cents.)

I’m sitting her with a big, sappy grin on my face. I’m very happy. So, all future review books will be read on my new Voyage. I look forward to it.

If I’m honest though, it’s going to take a little getting used to. I kind of feel like I’m betraying my steadfast and dependable Kindle Touch by moving on. Her name is Audrey, by the way, in honour of the skin she wears. (It’s by artist Audrey Kawasaki, one of my favorites.)


Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll adjust. And the surprise gift makes me feel very loved. Not so much because I got stuff, stuff I wouldn’t have spent the money on if left to my own devices, but because it’s a sign he pays attention to what would make me happy (as I do him).

We don’t often do gifts, surprise or otherwise. For one, we don’t have the disposable income for it. For another, it’s not necessary between us. If we fight, flowers would only feel contrived. If it’s a holiday or birthday, a gift feels obligatory, not symbolic. If it was a regular occurrence it wouldn’t be special anymore.

So, on the rare occasions, like now, when one of us whips out a present, it’s because we’ve seen an opening to provide something more than a material item, but an addition to our life together. He didn’t just buy me an e-reader, he upgraded the single item that provides me the most joy outside of my family. Reading is my hobby, my passion and he’s facilitating that. *Swoon*

Some men are just worth keeping. You hear a lot in the modern media about jocks being popular in high school and such, but shy quiet men being the ones you want when they grow to men. My husband is the perfect example of this. And while it’s completely, disgustingly saccharine to say, I’m reminded why I love him. He gets me. He understands what makes me tick. I’m an incredibly lucky woman and I know it.

…Now all y’all bitches stay back now, y’hear?

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