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Book Review: Love & Curse Making, by Kelly St. Clare

Yesterday, I was scrolling Instagram and randomly ended up watching a video of Emma Hamm (whose books I very much enjoy) opening a Kelly St. Clare book box for Love & Curse Making. About an hour later, I glanced over and saw I that had that same book on my side table. It had come in my most recent Supernatural Book Crate. And I figured, “Well, I guess the universe is telling me what I should read next. ”

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What do jazz pixies, siren celebrities, and three hundred disastrous dates with supernatural men have in common?


I’m Cerys. And at twenty-two years old, running a paranormal dating agency with my bestie and living in the magical society of Nepos is an amazing life.

Not gonna lie though, it’d be better with a little action. Kissing, maybe? A one-armed hug? Heck, after three years, I’ll take a man touching my bedsheets. Or would if this curse didn’t 100 percent block me from romance.

When my ‘extinct’ brand of magic explodes in the presence of true love, the off-the-charts sexy but infuriatingly bored Detective Devereaux gets involved. And let me tell you, ladies, there are m-u-s-c-l-e-s under his long coat!

So I’m cursed and dodging the law and trying to put more love in the world each day. And now some creep is digging up heart elemental bodies.

Seriously. How is it only Monday?

my review
This was my first Kelly St. Clare book and I enjoyed it a lot. It walked the line between appreciably silly and roll your eyes ridiculous, and occasionally it did trip across the border. But mostly I giggled a lot. I liked the characters, world, and writing.

I wish we were able to get to know Dev better. He pretty much stayed a ‘tall, dark, and brooding’ cardboard cutout. Some depth and color would have helped a lot in that department. And the book is a cliffie. Very little of anything really feels complete by the end. So, I can’t call it a 100% win. But I look forward to getting to read book two in the future. So, I’d call this more win than not.

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