Reading Challenge: Blood Lust x 4

Every once in a while I look at my TBR list just right and discover interesting little tidbits. Sometimes it’s just amusing to me, like I’ll resuffle it to random and several books with blue covers will line up. (OK, maybe really is only amusing to me.) But sometimes it’s something a little more substantial, like the fact that I have four books titled Blood Lust.

Blood LustAnd when that sort of thing happens I can’t help but want to do something with it. Like, maybe, read them all back to back.

I did it last year with Bound By Blood books. I had five of them, so I dedicated a week to a single title and was unreasonably amused by seeing them all line up on my review shelf.

So, I’m doing it again. Over the next week I’ll be reading:

Blood Lust, by Jessica L. Degarmo
Blood Lust, by Jessica Gibson
Blood Lust, by Charity Santiago
Blood Lust, by Zoe Winters

See, it’s kind of fun seeing them all lined up, even two Jessica’s in a row. (Ok, I’m easily amused.)

This is essentially just a, ‘hey this is what I’m doing’ post. But keep tuned. Hopefully I’ll like Blood Lust more than Bound by Blood. Only one way to find out, right?

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