Review of Surrender (Blood Moon #1), by Evie Ryan

SurrenderI picked up a copy of Surrender: Blood Moon, by Evie Ryan, at Amazon. It was free at the time and I believe is a perma-freebie. I read it as part of my Blood Moon Reading Challenge.

Description from Goodreads:
Daphne Storm knows how to save lives. 

As a dedicated E.R. nurse at Wyoming Mercy Medical, there isn’t much Daphne hasn’t seen: sickness, broken bones, and hunting accidents. But when a little boy is admitted one dark night after barely surviving a vicious animal attack, Daphne’s world is suddenly turned upside down. Whatever did this to him is a monster – a vicious creature threatening not just her town but the very fabric of morality, humanity itself…it is evil. 

And as Daphne holds the hand of the boy she and the doctors couldn’t save, she sees a brief mental image of black fur and white fangs. Little does she know, she is playing right into the hands of fate — even more so when she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a man with raven-black hair, one of the strange, rough men who have invited themselves to her town. 

The blood moon prophecy unfolds. 

The power of the blood moon will turn Damon’s people mad, as the prophecy foretells. During its rise and fall his men must fight the urge to shift, the desire to turn wolf, the need to kill, but when one of the men goes crazy, escapes, and terrorizes Timber Springs, Damon must stop him at all costs. 

But the rogue wolf isn’t after the people of Timber Springs. He only wants Daphne. He must be stopped, but no one knows how…

This is the second book in two days that I wouldn’t have finished if I hadn’t been reading it for a challenge. It was not good.

There was no character development. The whole Blood Moon things was poorly explained. I felt no chemistry between the characters. The heroine was a May Sue that all the men seemed to want. And OMFG the TSTL stunts she pulled darned near drove me to distraction! The editing was a mess. The sex scenes went on forever and weren’t very good.

Every once in a while a phrase would turn just right and dazzle me, but they were few and far between. All-in-all, I have little praise for the book.

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