Review of The Decadia Code, by Apryl Baker & Jonathan Yanez

The Decadia CodeI picked up The Decadia Code (April Baker & Jonathan Yanez) when it was free on Amazon.

Description from Goodreads:
The world of DeCadia is a shadow of its once magnificent glory. The War that destroyed the great world has left the known world in an ever changing state of flux. Steam-powered ships rule the skies, pirates roam free, and the Royal Navy is the only whisper of order in the cacophony of chaos. 

Valeria knows this brutal world all too well. Orphaned with only a birthmark on her back to hint at her past, she is left to travel the world alone. Hope comes in an unexpected form, whispers of her Atlantian heritage. Whispers that tell Valeria her birthmark is more than she could have ever imagined. 

Now Valeria finds herself in a dangerous scheme to uncover the truth of her ancestry. Her journey will take her across the known world, to forbidden islands, and into conflict with the Royal Navy. Allies will be made, enemies discovered, and the truth of Atlantis revealed. 

A fun little sky pirate romp. I was worried in the beginning that Val would be one of those characters who could just mysteriously and miraculously excel at everything. And to be honest, there is a bit of that, along with the ‘she’s so special’ and ‘every man wants her’ plot devices, but it remained within bearable territory. I quite liked the side characters, the idea of the storyline and the writing. However, it all felt a little rushed, the characters’ histories are just skimmed over, and the book is definitely just a beginning to a large story. You don’t get much in line of a conclusion. But it was amusing all the same.


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