Review of We Have Met the Enemy & Spooky Action at a Distance, by Felicia Watson

I received copies of We Have Met The Enemy and Spooky Action at a Distance (Loveless Series #1&2) from the author Felicia Watson.

Description of We Have Met the Enemy:

In the 31st century, Naiche Decker joined the Unititerrae military seeking revenge for the death of her mother in battle against the Eternals. After being assigned to a deep space mission to root out the enemy’s home world, she finds so much more, questioning if revenge was what she really sought in the first place.


I was pleasantly surprised by this. I enjoyed it more than I expected to. I’d call it more ‘road trip in space’ than actual military sci-fi. They are soldiers on a warship, so maybe ‘war-weary soldiers take a road trip in space’ but still more that than military sci-fi. The reason being that 95% of the book is a journey to a destination only vaguely known, dealing with whatever pops up. Having said that, I enjoyed the journey.

The characters are pleasantly diverse, there’s platonic male/female friendships, as well as female/female friends (I really hate when all women except the main character are made out to be bitches), loyalty, family reconciliation, and more.

I did think the end rushed and wrapped up too neatly, years of personal injury/hatred and the ravishes of war don’t heal so quickly. Similarly, several important encounters/events were glossed over noticeably, making the whole thing lack tension a bit. But the writing is sharp, characters likable, and the world (universe) interesting. I’d read another Lovelace novel.

Description of Spooky Action at a Distance:

Lieutenant Naiche Decker has finally found a home aboard the UDC starship, Lovelace. With the Eternals war behind her, she’s looking forward to life as an explorer rather than a soldier. But her latest adventure – exploring a quantum entanglement – proves to be the most dangerous mission she’s ever faced. Aiding her in this quest are her friends, CO Con Kennedy, and canine companion Kayatennae – as well as a remarkable Quantum Drive ship that links directly into its pilot’s brain. Complicating matters are an arrogant rival pilot and a race of mysterious aliens whose intentions are as murky as the waters they live in. Naiche will need all her strength, cunning, and skill to rise above these challenges and rescue her stranded comrades before they’re lost forever.


Another fun installment of the Lovelace Series. I don’t think this one was quite as deeply plotted as the first book, with the convenient pink aliens coming to the rescue so often. But, like with the first book, I still enjoyed the elements you so often don’t see in books—platonic male/female friendships (even best friends), actual female/female friendships, parents who have made mistakes but aren’t bad people, a heroine who’s allowed to be sexual without being shamed, older adults having sex, women initiating sex, an equal number of men and women in positions of power and authority, exploration of cultural differences within a minority group, racial and sexual diversity in the cast, etc. These are the sorts of things that bring me back to an author. (I realize I said sex a lot. So, I should mention there is no on-page sex. But it is discussed and the reader is led to understand it happens.)

All in all, while I didn’t think it a perfect book I’d be well up for reading more.

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