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I know you haven’t heard much from me lately. I’m in the last few weeks of pulling my dissertation together and it’s pretty much Hell. But it will be finished soon (thank God(dess)) and I will be free again. In the mean time here are a few highlights of what has, is, or will be going on in the world of Sadie Forsythe and The Weeping Empress.

R.T. over at The Fraser Files posted a great 4.5 star review this morning, as well as an interview. I recommend checking it out. He writes about books, culture and the culturally deaf community. I know I learned something.

Mysti Parker over at Unwritten is having a, frankly, amazing giveaway that includes The Weeping Empress. I offered up 15 ecopies, thinking that was the normal range. Turns out most people only offered 1 0r 2, which left me looking like an outlier, but oh well. If you’re interested in a copy all you have to do is leave an email. Even if not after The Weeping Empress I would recommend heading over there. There are over 100 books up for grabs.

The July Smashwords sale was a raving success. The Weeping Empress was downloaded 250 times! I couldn’t be happier with that.

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