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Book Review: Fighting For Us, by Bella Emy

Bella Emy’s Fighting For Us was featured on Sadie’s Spotlight last Christmas season. The promo material included a free copy of the book. But I didn’t get around to reading it until this year’s Christmas Reading Challenge.
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I had it all.
A wonderful family with a loving wife who was my world and a beautiful baby girl.
I didn’t need anything more to be rich in my eyes.
Then one day, everything changed and my world was ripped apart.
My wife, my everything, was taken from me, and I was left alone to raise our baby girl.
I was forced from late night sessions at the gym to changing diapers all by myself.
Thank God for the help I received from my parents and siblings or I would have been lost.
I accepted my fate of being alone with my baby girl and living life with just us two…
Until the day I met her, and she became everything worth fighting for.

Life was so perfect.
A loving fiancé, wonderful friends and family, and a job I adored.
Until one day, my world was turned upside down and the man I loved threw the promise of forever down the drain and walked out of my life.
The day he walked out of my door, I knew that everything I had ever grown up to believe in was a lie.
Love is unconditional but love sure as hell doesn’t last forever.
The vow to love me for the rest of our lives ended quickly as he pulled away from me, and buried himself in the arms of his ex.
I was left alone, cursing the male species and everyone who had found their happily ever after.
My sister and my best friend were the only ones there for me…
Until the day I met him, and he became everything worth fighting for.

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This was a sweet, easily readable contemporary romance. It was also SUPER predictable. I read a couple chapters and then went to take a shower. While showering I thought about how the book might progress and now know that I anticipated almost all of the major plot points correctly.

[Spoiler warning]
That someone would try and sexually assault her? Check. That he’d step in and save her with all his tough, UFC menace? Check. That they’d fall hard and fast? Check. That there would be some sort of needless friction that tore them temporarily apart? Check. That it would involve his wife? Check. I hit every single one of them. And I don’t say that to be like, “Oh, look how smart I am,” but rather as “Oh, look how predictable it all was.”

The thing is, a lot of people appreciate the predictability. It makes it a safe read. That’s especially appealing in a Christmas read, apparently. So I’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing. Just know what you’re signing up for…that and the fact that it’s first person, present tense.

Outside of the likeable characters and predictability, my only comment is that the attempted rapist is treated as a douche, but no one ever even alludes to the fact that he literally tried to rape Carissa. That left a bad taste in my mouth. But, all in all, it wasn’t a bad read.

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