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Book Review: The One and Only Crystal Druid, by Annette Marie

I received a signed copy of Annette Marie‘s The One and Only Crystal Druid in a Supernatural Book Crate.
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I’m not your average girl.

My best friend is my switchblade. My favorite hobby is using it on the cruel, the abusive, and anyone who gets on my bad side. I’m a convicted murderer with a chip on my shoulder and a dangerous lack of restraint.

And then there’s Zak.

His rap sheet makes mine look tame. The bounty on his head is worth more money than I’ll ever make, and the deadly fae that shadow his every step wield more power than I’ll ever know.

He’s the Crystal Druid, and his first mistake was setting foot on my turf.

His second was saving my life.

And his final mistake will be failing to realize that however dark, however ruthless, however broken he is…

I’m worse.

I’ve read several of Marie‘s books now and enjoyed them all, to greater or lesser extents. Though I’ve not read all of the Spellbound series (only the first), which one of the main characters here is from. (I felt I was missing some history, but the story was certainly followable.) Regardless, I quite enjoyed this book too.

I liked both Saber and Zak as main characters, and Rikr was a fun side characters. The little bit of mystery was engaging and I enjoyed seeing the characters in action. I did, however, think Saber was too feral and unpleasant a lot of the time. She came across as mentally unstable more than anything else.

With the twist at the end and the still unclear question of what happened in the past, I’m looking forward to book two.

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