reading the rainbow

Wasting time…or playing with my book reviews

This post sort of came about by accident, as a result of me trying to keep myself busy. As I say in the Instagram posts below, I’m having my first real experience with sciatica. The result is that I’m largely uncomfortable if I’m walking around, but I also can’t sit for too long without stiffening up and hurting more. Yeah, it’s no fun…It is not fun.

So, in trying to find activities that I can do both while being up and about and while sitting down, I discovered that making little Pixgram videos can be a fun distraction that I’m able to do in on the go and while sedentary. As a result, I decided to make a cover reel of for each color of the rainbow. Yes, it’s random and basically just me frolicking in my digital book pile. But it’s something to keep me occupied.

After the fact, it occurred to me that, since most of these books have reviews here on the blog, there’s no reason I shouldn’t pull them all together too. Yes, it’s basically just a game and me playing in my review pile. But it is what it is.

The standard by which I chose books is set out in each of the post, but I’ll quote it here. “I only chose from books I’ve read (though not necessarily reviewed), the cover was heavy in the color I was looking for, I didn’t hate the book too badly when I read it, and I didn’t remember posting about it super recently (though, since I’ve read them, I probably have at some point). And I tended toward books that seemed like they’d not had a lot of attention.” Plus, I snagged Saint Louis Authors when I saw them. Gotta support the locals.

I’ll also add that the whole thing depended pretty heavily on chance. I literally scrolled until I found a book that matched my criteria, grabbed it and went for the next. So, it could have been this batch of books or an entirely different one. The result is that I ended up checking out some reviews I’d not had reason to look at in several years, which was fun. I forget what is buried in the review archive sometimes.

Here are the Pixgram reels and I’ll link each review below it.

The Martini of Destiny
Food of the Gods
10 Ways Io Piss Off A Reaper
The Winter Boy
A Surefire Way
Love and Fuck Poems
Technologies of the self
The Clockwork Monk
Slippery Souls
The Fire King
The Devil’s Revolver

The Prince and the Program
Storm Dancer
The Tide of War
Was Once a Hero
The Quest For Juice
Finding His Feet
The Guest of Honor
Mars on the Rise

A Bullet A Piece
Light a Candle
Colt Harper Esteemed Vampire Cat
Spirelli Paranormal Investigation
The Magic Laundry
Murder Takes Patience
Edge Of Desperation
100 Ghost Soup
Dhata Mays
Death Days
Season of the Wolf

The Flower Bowl Spell
Creature of Dreams
For the Clan
Curva Peligrosa
Alien Chicks In Citrus Bras And Stalkers From Beyond The Stars
Life After Love
King’s Raven
The Wounded Ones
Man Made Man

Last Witch Of Cahokia
Cotton and Indigo From Japan
Dancing With Gravity
The Eighth Square
The Wizard of Crescent Moon Mountain
A Late Bite To Eat
Night Watch
Eternal Samuri

Welcome To My Chair
The Mechanical Universe
One Dead Vampire
God Killer
A Lesson for the Cyclops
Wild Wild ghost
Thorn and Fangs
Dear Mona Lisa
Silver Moon
Binding Shadows


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