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Anna, over at pocketful of Books read and reviewed The Weeping Empress. She gave it a 4 out of 5 stars and had some really positive comments, though she apparently would have like the Emperor to be more of a baddie – to each their own. I was really impressed with her post not only because of the warm fuzzes I got from knowing that someone read my book and is eagerly anticipating the sequel, but also because she obviously put a lot of thought into her it. When reviewing a book  she comments on the cover, the characters, the story, notes the first line and then lists what she liked most and least about the book – impressive.

She also carried a brief bio and an insightful insightful interview. (The questions were insightful, I can’t comment on my own answers.) Check it all out here: PocketfulOfBooks.com.

And of course you can always find your own copy of The Weeping Empress here:

Stores or Smashwords.

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