Review Policies

I am currently closed to requests.

I generally never promise a review, just to pick and choose amongst those I receive. However, the pile has gotten guilt-inducingly huge. So, I’m shutting it down for a while in an attempt to concentrate on reading through some of what I already have. I will open myself up to requests again in the future. 

OK, I’m tentatively reopening myself to review requests…sort of.

If you would like a book reviewed please email a MOBI file to 2lazy2readP& My policies follow. Please read them. It really is in your own best interest. I will ignore emails that patently haven’t followed even the most basic directions. Additionally, here are some generalisable tips. 

Here’s the thing. I don’t have consistent reading time. Some months I might read 35 books and then only 6 the next, which means that I feel bad trying to commit to a timeline that I may have to miss. That just seems irresponsible and possibly even cruel. So, I’ve come up with a pseudo-solution. I’m going to limit this to ebooks (since they generally don’t cost authors anything to send) and open the flood gates to everyone. If you would like me to consider reading your story please follow the directions below.

Sending me a book does not guarantee that I will read or review it, but I will read several from this pile every month. Heck, if enough interest me I’ll read solely from this list. No promises though. I know this provides a lot less certainty than most would consider ideal, but I spend a lot of time fielding requests, especially for ebooks, so the only other alternative is to not accept them at all. I suppose this qualifies as an all or nothing scenario.  Limiting reviews to physical books has a limiting effect all by itself, but I would like to avoid that.

A fair note of practicality is in order here too. I get a lot of requests, sometimes a couple a day. This system is unavoidably going to create an ever-growing TBR. I will almost certainly never read them all. Which means, just to reiterate this, I may never read YOUR book. But I will read as many of the books I receive as I am able. 

I apologise that it has become less personalised (possibly even personable), but I feel accountable to the people I accept book from and I won’t be able to keep up otherwise. I don’t like the thought of someone waiting expectantly for a review it might take me months to write. 


If you have read this far and have an ebook you would like me to review please ignore the above email address and forward a mobi or pdf copy (preferably mobi), synopsis, page length and cover image to ereviews (at) If you decide to send me a Smashwords coupon, which is absolutely acceptable, please include Smashwords in the subject line. This is to ensure I know that I need to redeem it within a limited timeframe. 

My preferred genre is fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal and romance in all pairings (though I prefer it have some fantasy/sci-fi theme and I’m not a big fan of sappy HEAs or Mary Sues)  but with the exception of self-help, Christian fiction, children’s books and short stories there isn’t much that I’m unwilling to read at some point, including manga/graphic art, and nonfiction. Though, to be honest, I’ve been flooded with YA books lately and wouldn’t be too thrilled with another one. I try to alternate pulp (my term for books I read for sheer enjoyment) and titles that also edify. The latter don’t always make the review list though. 

I am particularly interested in Indie and Self-published authors (not that I won’t also read traditional pubs), but I would ask that the books be properly edited. The fact that such authors are able to break the commercial mold really appeals to me, and I look forward to reading stories told in ways traditional publishers would not be interested in (books from odd POVs or that regularly tell instead of show – the dogma being to never tell, always show). But I don’t want to be tripping over spelling, grammar, and homophonous mistakes. Believe me you can’t catch them all yourself, no one can. (As a perfect example of this, I had a misspelled word on this very page for close to 6 months before someone finally pointed it out to me.)

As an aside, if you send an official Kindle copy and have lending enabled I will likely add it to my Goodreads lendable list. This may or may not appeal to you, so I just wanted to mention it. Full disclosure and all. 

Thank you for thinking of me for your precious text. I always appreciate it. I really do. I love, love, LOVE getting to know other authors. I sometimes get all fangirl when authors email me. However, I aim for a truly objective review and I find that too much conversation upfront impedes my ability to be impartial. So, please don’t take offense if you hear little from me prior to reading your book. 

You can  go here to see examples of my reviews. I also regularly post on Goodreads and & (where I’m ranked low 2,000s on both). I occasionally post on B & N, Shelfari,  Library Thing and Smashwords. (On a side note, if I’ve picked your book up somewhere else and you see I’ve written a review that you would also like posted on Smashwords feel free to send me a coupon for ‘purchase’ and I’d be happy to put it there too. I’d, obviously, have no reason to download the book again but Smashwords only lets you review books that are free or have been ‘bought’ on the site. Though now that I think on it, I don’t know why you’d be reading my policies if I’d already reviewed your book. Oh well)


A note on physical books: I’ve had a number of authors contact me to ask if I accept physical books. I do. I even prefer them, especially if they are signed. But the point of limiting this to ebooks was to keep it cost free for authors and pressure free for me. If you understand and are comfortable with the may or may not be read nature of submitting a book to me, feel free to contact me about your physical book. We can discuss whether it would be a good fit or not. 

What’s more, I’m building a Little Free Library for my front yard in which I intend to keep at least one Indie/SP book in at all times. Any physical book sent to me, that I deem worth sharing and a positive ambassador for Indie/SP books will likely be added to the LFL and shared unless I’m asked not to.

If I request your book, as opposed to you requesting a review, it circumvents all of the above and goes top of the list. I only request books I intend to read immediately. 

Regarding review swapping: Every once in a while an author will email me asking about this. I don’t. I admit I tried it once very shortly after TWE was published, but I was very uncomfortable with it and will not do it again. I discourage anyone seeking such exchanges from going through with it.