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This is a page of extras, which is what I’ve decided to call all non-book review posts. When I started this blog, it took a little while to settle into a book review blog. So, there are several non-book-related posts floating around with nowhere to land. Plus, sometimes, I just go ahead and have myself a little rant about whatever is on my mind. You can usually find these tagged Up For Discussion or Blogger Rant. Sometimes, I post an update on life or find a fun blog challenge to participate in (I’ve collected the Initial Challenge Posts and the Wrap-Ups here), etc. These are often tagged Personal. Really, the point is that these could be anything not a book review.

Regardless, they had no home, so I built them this page. Some might be of interest. Some are no longer relevant, but I’ve left them for posterity’s sake. Some are about The Weeping Empress, which I now consider a cringey learning experience. It could be anything. If I wrote it and posted it on the blog, but it’s not a book review, you will find it here.

It’s my 11-year Blog-iversary, apparently

I am not interested in reviewing books written by men.

#ReadForMaui: A Read for Maui Read-A-thon

Once again, authors, don’t be this guy.

Mothman Reading Challenge

Zero Reviews Challenge.

Unpopular Opinion: I Never Read Excerpts, Sample Chapters, Previews, Etc

Looking for Recommendations

Don’t be this guy.

I have big news on the personal front.

How I find tons of LEGAL free ebooks (without returning a single one)

A thought on sexual assault in books…or the internet made me do it.

Describe your characters to me. Don’t compare them to actors.

Please put flat covers on digital box sets, a reader’s request.

How do you read so fast?

Closing out 2021 and looking forward to 2022

Why, as a book reviewer, I hate the phrase “book as payment for a review” and other sundry thoughts

Hey look, I got interviewed

Wasting time…or playing with my book reviews

A Month In Pictures

Taking A Moment To Check Myself

Why *I* Review Books

Bitchy Reviewer Being Bitchy…Again

Good-bye 2020, Hello 2021

Unless I’ve said otherwise, I don’t want your book.

Book Review Alphabet Challenge

Thoughts on deleting 3,000+ more e-books

How is social distancing going?

Closing out 2019 and looking into 2020

Why haven’t I been reading VS. Why I deleted 400ish books

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

In defense of reviews that say, “I don’t generally read this genre, but…”

Closing out 2017

My 2017 Christmas book tree!

New Little Free Library box

B*tchy Blogger being B*tchy

What’s with all the blue aliens?

Here’s what 2017 looks like for me.

Reflecting on 2016 and the books I read

I’m doing NaNoWriMo again.

Review: The Bookish Box

I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Little Free Library design competition, hosted by Space

A housekeeping note

An example of how to make a reviewer NOT want to read your book

A mystery!

Why can’t book one mean book one anymore?

11 Things I Learned About Being a Bookworm by Living With a ‘Not-a-Reader’

I’m just gonna say it, “I hate prequels and serials.”

Don’t mind me. I’m just having a strop.

Moving forward for 2016

Wrapping up 2015

Getting ready for NaNoWriMo 2015

What do I do with these maybe-plagiarized books?

In which I planned to pimp Queer Romance Month but performed a self-examination instead

How to piss off a book blogger, part III

I love my local library consortium!


Impressed with Amazon’s customer service

A small book promotion(ish) opportunity available to anyone interested

Totally petty, personal book-irritant of the day

Just a (not so) humble brag

Addressing a past transgression and why I’ll forgive a new indie author a review swap or two

Craziness on the Interwebz

That is not an apology, Raani York

Reblog: Authors Supporting Our Troops #ASOT2015

Looking forward to 2015 and reading challenges

Looking back and wrapping up 2014

#WeAreSTL (We Are St. Louis)

NaNoWriMo update…I won!

Once again, how to piss off your book blogger

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month, wanna join me?

Indie authors of the world, please stop doing this!

a cautionary tale AND i was wrong, so I owe someone an apology

Bad reviews are important…nay, essential to the Indie author/publisher

Up for discussion: Short Story vs. Novella vs. Novellette, vs Novel

Best of 2013 and moving on to 2014

Tips for submitting Ebooks to bloggers for review

How to Piss off a Book Blogger: Treat Them Like an Employee

The Unfortunate Importance of Honey Traps

Up for discussion: writing reviews of books you dislike that are also outside your preferred genres

Up for discussion: How I choose a free KDP book…or not.

Being lendable matters to me

Ok, so here’s an update on life

Map of the UK made from Indie Book covers, too cool!

Up for discussion: Is there a ‘you get what you pay for’ attitude to free books?

Some quick announcements

Enter to win or grab it free

A 5 step plan to clear my shelves

Smashwords is having a BIG sale & The Weeping Empress is FREE!

Confession of a Bookaholic is having a birthday bash!

Up for Discussion: Do you know your star ratings?

Did you know that Networked Blogs has a follow limit?

Surprised at my own nonchalance

Interview with Ann Haines and review of her novel Brunswick

5 New International Book Giveaways

Winners chosen in Graham Parke’s launch party giveaway

I am the Special Feature on bookr3vi3ws this month + INT giveaway

Changes to the TBR and review policy

Interview with, author, L. S. Fayne + excerpt

Have you checked out Back To the Books yet? You should!

Guest post and launch party from Graham Parke of Unspent Time fame

Need a new book to read? Check out these giveaways.

Have You Heard of Operation E-Book Drop?

Andela sits down to chat with Laurie

Olwen from The Weeping Empress spends some time with Katelina from Shades of Gray

Wonderful write up from Pocketful of Books

Interview with Helen Smith, author of Alison Wonderland + Review

My time spent with Starry Night


New Interview With Ann Haines

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award

A New 5 star review for the Weeping Empress

The Weeping Empress and the London Book Fair

Author Spotlight M. J. Webb

Sadie’s Top 10 Tips For Mechanical Edits

How do you write?

Crazy Crazy Northern Weather

New to the TBR list

The Weeping Empress is FREE to download on Goodreads

It was a good week for Goodreads first-read books.

Spring is officially here!

Combustible Sinners just topped the TBR list

Good writing practice

The Undermining of Dual Identity by Identity Threat

Where to win a copy of THE WEEPING EMPRESS

Interview with Andy Rane from Same Six Questsion

Where to win a copy of THE WEEPING EMPRESS

The Wonders of Vitamin D

So I’m joining the blogging revolution.

Shelfari get to know you questions