Albert, Annabeth Served Hot

Ambrose, Adrianne The Urchin

Anderson, Rose Ashkewheteasu

Andor, Tayla Dragonspire

Andrews, Ilona Burn For Me

Archer, Sloan Laurence and the Riders (The Last Days of Ordinary)

Ashling, Sera Sleepless


Bear, Elizabeth Karen Memory

Beemyn, Genny  & Rankin, Susan R. The Lives of Transgender People 

Benedetti, Angela A Hidden Magic

Benvenuto, Christine Sex Changes

Boney, Brad The Nothingness of Ben

Boyd, Russell The Chorus Effect

Brown, H. C. Stalked

Brown, Mildred L. & Rounsley, Chloe Ann True Selves

Buchanan, James Hard Fall

Burden, Kellen Flash Bang

Butler, Anna FlashWired


Calmes, Mary Old Loyalty, New Love

Carlson, Amanda Full Blooded

Carriger, Gail Changeless, Blameless

Charles, Elle P. The Devil in her Heart

Chase, T. A. Borderline

Cheney, J. Kathleen The Golden City

Copland, Diana A reason to Believe

Conklin, Tara The House Girl

Cousins, Amy Jo Five Dates, Full Exposure, Off Campus

Cowan, Anna Untamed

Cray, Claire Merrick


D’Abo, Christine The Dom Around the Corner

Dawson, Delilah S. Wicked as the Come

Degarmo, Jessica L. Blood Lust

Devon, Summer & Dee, Bonnie The Gentleman and the Rogue

Drew, Andrea Gypsy Hunted


Erickson, Megan Trust the Focus, Focus on Me


Fawcett, Nicole J. Spell Struck

Fenichel, A. S. Ascension

Fenton, Richard & Waltz, Andrea Onyx Webb

Fielding, Kim Rattlesnake


Garren, Jax Stripped with the Vampire

Gibson, Jessica Blood Lust, Love and Blood

Gillen, James C. Tortured Skin

Goldman, William The Princess Bride

Griffith, Clay & Susan The Shadow Revolution, The Undying Legion, The Conquering Dark

Grove, Bonnie Talking to the Dead


Hall, Alexis Liberty and Other Stories, There Will be Phlogiston, Waiting for the Flood, For Real, Glitterland

Hartman, Ron Prophecy Foretold

Hassell, Santino Sutphin Boulevard, Stygian

Hawk, Jordan L. Widdershins

Heaton, Felicity Ascension

Herbert, Kandis The Silver Cage

Holmes, John F. U.S. Army Mage Corps: SWORD


Irving, Terry The Day of the Dragonking


Jackson, Jonathan-David The Quest for Juice

Jensen, A. P. Unmemorable

Johnson, Kij Fudoki


Kampman, Patrick Chance in Hell

Kent, Jason New Sky: Eyes of the Watcher

Kilgore, C. E. All These Pieces of Me, Obsessive Compulsion

Kincy, Karen Shadowes of Asphodel

Koyanagi, Jacqueline Ascension

Kristoff, Jay Stormdancer


Lane, Amy The Deep of the Sound, Clear Water

Lassiter, Maya Creature of Dreams, Toby Streams the Universe

Laurenston, Shelly The Unleashing

Leigh, Garrett Misfits

Li, Augusta Ashes and Echoes

Lindqvist, John Ajvide Let Me In


Madison, Sarah Unspeakable Words

Mara, Devi No Light

Marling, A. E. Brood of Bones

Martin, Angie Conduit

Martin, Debrah Chained Melodies

Martin, George R. R. Fevre Dream

Mauller, A. Rosemary Wyn Dead Walk

Mayer, Shannon Priceless

McClutcheon, Mercury The Magic Mandala

McIntyre, Katherine An Airship Named Desire

McLeod, Greg King of Dreams: A Vereldan Tale

McMillin, Dean C. Shadewright, shadowslave

Merikan, M. A. Guns N’ Boys

Milan. Courtney The Duchess War

Mills, Julia Her Dragon to Slay

Moning, Karen Marie Burned

Moon, Scott Dragon Badge

Mulry, Megan Bound With Passion

Murphy, C. Lynn The First Noble Truth


North, Vanessa Blueberry Boys


O’Brian, Patrick Master and Commander

O’Leary, Michelle Light of Kaska


Perdita, Zoe Shadow Scars, Crash

Pfaff, Heath Servant of Steel

Ploof, Michael James Afterworld

Potter, Daniel Off Leash

Preston, Richard Ellis Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders

Price, Jordan Castillo Partners (Psycops 1 & 2), Meatworks

Priest, Cherie Bloodshot, Hellbent, Boneshaker


Quijas, Tamela Blood of the Beast


Rash, Ron Serena

Raynes, Scarlett My Lord, My Master

Reynolds, S. C. Living Dead Girl, Stalking Dead

Rock, J. A. The Subs Club

Rogers, Moira Wilder’s Mate

Roseland, Aimee A Taste for Moonlight, A Kiss Beneath the Veil

Rowland, Sandy L. Conquered

Roux, Abigail According to Hoyle, The Gravedigger’s Brawl


Sakurazaka, Hiroshi All You Need is Kill

Sands, Lynsay The Rogue Hunter

Santiago, Charity Blood Lust

Secara, Maggie King’s Raven

Shapero, Rich Too Far

Sherwood, Kate Sacrati

Showalter, Gena Heart of the Dragon

Stalbaum, C. E. Eve of Destruction

Starling, Isobel As You Wish

Steinbaum, Keith The Poe Consequence

Stowe, T. L. Partners

Summers, Jordan Bacchus

Summers, V. J. Light a Candle

Sunday, Anyta Rock


Thorn, Lucas Revenge of the Elf

Tousey, Ben Eye of the Morning, God’s Madmen

Tripp, Elise Forbes  Surviving Iraq: Soldier’s Stories


Urias, Antonio Irons in the Fire


Valente, Catherynne M. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

Valerio, Max Wolf The Testosterone Files

Vance, Brad Werewolves of Brooklyn

Varden, Jade Saltwater Secrets

Vaughn, Carrie Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Vinge, Joan D. & Rosenberg, Scott Mitchell Cowboys & Aliens


Walker, N. R. Cronin’s Key

Winters, Zoe Blood Lust (Kept, Claimed & Mated)

Witt, Lori A. The Tide of War

Witt, Sam Half-Made Girls

Wooding, Chris Retribution Falls


Xu, Ruiyan The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai


York, Sara Colorado Wild


Zen, Raeden Perdu

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