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Shelfari Post


Favorite Color: Heather Grey
Favorite Food: Steamed artichokes w/ drawn lemon butter
Favorite Book: Frank Herbert’s Dune
Favorite Type of Writing: creative
Favorite Movie: Amalie
Favorite Genre of Book: Fantasy
Favorite Actress: Tilda Swinton
Favorite Actor: don’t have one
Favorite Sport: don’t have one
Favorite T.V. Show: don’t have one
Favorite Singer: don’t have one – sorry not a media junkie
Favorite Computer and/or Video Game: Blockout

What you Think is Cool:
Coolest Word: Adriaphoric…or just plain ol’ AND (it does so much)
Coolest Accent: English
Coolest Piece Of Technology: whatever enables wi-fi
Coolest Decade: 50s
Coolest Name: Saul
If you Could:
If You Could choose any Decade to live in, Which one would it be? This one
If you Could live in Any Country, Which country would it be? Japan
if you could be ANY age, how old would you be, and why? 23 (with the knowledge of my current age)
If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I wouldn’t, I like my names
If you could be a picture, what would you be picture of? a seagull
If you could meet anyone famous who would it be? Anne Rice
If you could live in any state, where would it be? Tennessee
Would you Rather…?
Would you rather; use a laptop or desktop? Laptop
Would you rather; be a dog or a cat? dog
Would you rather; be a fruit or a veggie? veggie
Would you rather; be stuck in a cave or underground? what’s the difference – cave
Have you Ever?
Have you ever broken a bone? yes (wrist)
Have you ever been in a play? yes
Have you ever written a book? yes (The Weeping Empress)
Have you ever met someone famous? If so who? Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, all of the Judds, and more (I waited tables in Nashville TN)
have you ever sang in front of a crowd? NO never!
Finished this fun activity? yes