It’s Read and ebook Week at Smashwords!

ladyOh Gawd, I love Smashwords, and what timing! With the introduction of Amazon’s new Affiliate rules I’ve found that the aggregate sites listing free books have started to dry up. Really, what do they expect me to do while I drink my morning coffee? Check my email? As it! For the rest of the week Smashwords has the perfect solution though, READ AN E-BOOK WEEK.

Read an Ebook Week isn’t new. It’s been around since 2004 and is part of…wait for it…yes, Read an Ebook Month (March). It even has its own website: RAEM. There are contests and tons of authors are offering books for free or at a discount. My own book, The Weeping Empress, is participating, as are a number of other authors I admire.  Here are a few worth checking out, in no particular order:

  1. Marjorie F. Baldwin
  2. Michael Cargill
  3. Valerie Zambito
  4. Jacques Antoine
  5. Kevis Hendrickson
  6. Nadia Scrieva
  7. Travis Luedke
  8. Charlotte E. English
  9. HP Mallory
  10. Nicky Charles

OK, some of them are just free to start with. I admit it. These are the ones from my own Smashwords Library, but there are sooo many more and I’ll probably add a few here and there as I come across authors I’ve read and know are worth recommending. In the mean time, if you have a book participating in the sale feel free to add a link in the comments. I’ll check them out and who know who else might.

Idea: See something you’ve read and reviewed elsewhere? Why not grab a Smashword’s copy while it’s free so you can post a review there (’cause of course you can only review a book on SM that has been ‘purchased’ on SM)? The author will love you forever…unless you wrote a horrible review, maybe not so much then. You take the bad with the good though, so…

5 thoughts on “It’s Read and ebook Week at Smashwords!

  1. Robin Burks

    The Weeping Empress sounds great – I’ll definitely be picking that one up. I also have a free book available for the Read An Ebook Week promotion. It’s called Zeus, Inc. and is on Smashwords free this week with coupon code RW100.


  2. Friday Baldwin

    Thanks for the linkage, Sadie!

    When Minds Collide is FREE and Conditioned Response is 50% off. Both are dystopian SciFi and I’m currently working on the book that falls in between those two stories. I really love writing a series. You can write it in any order and thereby get to revisit “history in the making.”

    That’s an awesome idea about the books people already own / have reviewed elsewhere and using the promo to leave a review on Smashwords. I might just have to gank it to post over on my other identity’s blog as a Tuesday Tip. I’ll link back to you. Thanks for suggesting it.



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