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Sharing is caring, take 3

It’s time for your weekly reminder to go enter the giveaways on Sadie’s Spotlight. This week I have a collective $990 worth of gift cards up for grabs, in increments from $5-$50, plus a whole slew of books (as you would expect), jewelry, a subscription box, a reading lamp, general bookish swag, a Kindle Paperwhite, and more. Not to mention the obvious fact there are a ton of really interesting books to explore. Get in there!

Sharing is caring, take 2

I said I’d bring over the giveaways from Sadie’s Spotlight once a week and I forgot last week. Apologies! But I have them for you this week. The new ones are at the bottom and some of the top ones only have hours left, but I included all of anyhow. Go for it. I’d love to think one of my readers was lucky enought to win some Amazon cash, which is what most of the prizes below are.