2020 Reading Roundups.

I was messing around on Instagram the other day and figured out how to make a simple slideshow. So, I decided to make monthly reading roundups with the covers of books I’d read each month. I started with July (the most recent at the time) and, because I was enjoying myself, moved backward to January. (I made myself stop before going into last year.) You can see my learning progression in title placements, then cover-pages, then getting rid of the Pixgram logo. But it’s still kind of fun for me to see them all together.

I think I will continue going forward. But I wanted to go ahead and get the past ones in here. (Because starting something in the middle annoys me.) So, I figured I’d make a 2020 Reading Roundup page.

Eventually, my daughter (13yo) made me cover art. So, I get to have a proud mama moment too. Just ignore me preening, if you will.

So, without further delay here are my 2020 reading roundups. I’ll add the rest as the year progresses. Maybe I’ll even expand my skills and figure out how to add music.

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