A housekeeping note on slow reviews

This is just a quick housekeeping note on why my reviews are coming more slowly than normal lately. There are two main reasons. The first is that I am reading and listening to several compilations at the moment. Sometimes (depending on how much I’m enjoying them) I binge on the books. Sometimes I read/listen to one and then read/listen to something else before coming back to the compilation, often jumping between series as I go. I’ll review the series together when I finish them. Here are some recent examples of me doing this: The Primal Trilogy, The Cassie Scot Series, The Redneck Apocalypse Series.

This all means that instead of reading/listening to one book, reviewing it and moving on to the next, I’m reading several books before a longer post is written. But I promise I am still reading and the reviews will get posted in time (just in clusters).

Second, I have taken on the HUGE and frankly ridiculous task of thinning my digital shelves. I have over 6,000 books and my tastes have changed a lot over the years. (This even after I deleted a batch of them a few months back.) Something has to give here. I no longer have any idea what I own and books are getting buried. But I refuse to simply delete in bulk, no matter how long I’ve owned a book and not read it. (Because sometimes they’ve been buried and forgotten about.) So, I’m reading the synopsis, judging covers, and reading reviews of every single book I own and making a keep or discard decision. This is a slooooow process and I can’t even listen to an audiobook while I do it.

My point in all of this is that though the blog looks less active than normal, I am still going at it behind the scenes.

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