Omega challenge

An Omega Weekend challenge

Every once in a while I get a bee in my bonnet to follow a randomly noticed pattern in my book buying habits. Last year, for example, I noticed I had a number of books using the same stock photo on the cover. Thus was born the Annoying Close-up Guy Challenge, in which I read them all back to back.

Before that it was books with the same title— Bound by Blood and Blood Lust. Today I grabbed Omega’s Touch off the Amazon free list and then wondered how many books I have with the word Omega in the title. Turns out it’s six. (I expected more than that, but apparently I was still counting those I’ve already read in my vague mental calculations.)

Omega Weekend

And seeing them all lined up in a pretty little row, I thought, let’s read ’em. So, I’m officially declaring it an Omega weekend. I’m going to read Omega’s TouchOmega’s FateOmega, Omega in the Shadows, Omega Rising, and Omega’s Agony With the Truth: No Regrets over the next couple days.

All right, it always feels good to have a plan. Now it’s time for tea and a Kindle round-up.


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