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Book Review: Escape of the Fae, by Taylor Spratt

I picked up a copy of Taylor Spratt‘s Escape of the Fae as an Amazon freebie.

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A thousand prisoners against one? Bring it on…

The name’s Jessy Gilchrest and I’m nobody’s fairy Princess. I’m a Cage fighter, pack leader and all around bad-ass alpha Fae. They say I’ve got a little impulse control problem and they’re right about that.

I robbed the Vampire King’s Castle and it got me thrown into Poison Penitentiary, home of the most blood-thirsty creatures in the Magical Sect. A dark secret haunts this place, clinging to the air like a disease and in here, everything goes bump in the night.

I’m not worried though. Because I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. I got caught for a reason. They’ve got my younger brother locked up in here. He’s innocent and I’ll stop at nothing till he’s freed. There’s just one problem with my brilliant break-out plan. Remember that little impulse control issue I mentioned earlier?

I got in a fight with the warden on the first day and now she’s promised freedom to any prisoner who can finish me off.

Four of the prison’s deadliest inmates’ step in to help me. A Werewolf, Dragon shifter, Vampire and Demon. What do they want in exchange? Let’s just say they’ve got a taste for Alpha Fae. A big one.

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Honestly, this was just bad. I knew it was going to be a slap-stick sort of read. So, that wasn’t a surprise. I was hoping for something light-hearted and sexy-funny. But there is ridiculous and silly in a fun way, and there is ridiculous and silly in a stupid way. I was hoping for the former, but this book is the latter.

The characters are somehow both overblown and flatly underdeveloped. The villain is cliched. The dialogue is an embarrassing mess. There are plot holes galore. The book barely seems to have been edited at all, and then it all ends on a cliffhanger.

I am not interested in continuing the series.

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