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Looking for Recommendations

Looking for Recommendations

I recently posted this over on TikTok, and honestly, I’m just sharing it here so that I can find it and the recommendations under it again. But also, if you see this and have a rec, drop it for me.

As I say, I’m sick to death of reaching the end of a book and having to decide if I want to buy the next one or not to reach a satisfying stopping point. So often these days, I come to the end of a book and don’t feel like I’ve reached any sort of conclusion; it’s just a stopping point because the book reached X number of pages. I’m exhausted by it.

I recently ended up reading a seven-book series because it took seven books to reach a conclusion OF ANY SORT. The thing is, I didn’t know I was committing to seven books when I picked the first one up. (This seems to be a trend lately.)

So, I’m seeking recommendations for standalone books and series that I can buy compilations of. That way, even if the individual books don’t stand alone, I’m not constantly facing the same ‘do I want to buy another book or just walk away’ question. I’m looking for anything in the monster romance or similar PNR genres. And I’m totally OK with authors self-recommending. Who knows better what series have omnibuses than the author?

Anyhow, here the Tikety-Tok:

@seesadieread sometimes I know going in that a book is a #cliffie, but often I don’t. I like to know if I’m committing to A book or 7 books before reaching a conclusion. #recsplease #bookrecommendations #bookrecrequest #monsterromancebooks #monsterromance #monstersmutreader #monstersmut #pleaseshare #bookrecs #ihatecliffhangers #cliffhangers #wethair #showerthoughts #decisionfatigue #decisionfatigueisreal #seesadieread #reader #bookreviewer #bookplans #compilations #compilationtiktok #pnr #smuttok #booktalk #paranormal #monsters #monsterlover ♬ original sound – SadieF