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Book Review: Veiled in Shadow, by Chloe Parker & Clarissa Bright

I picked up a freebie copy of Veiled in Shadow by Chloe Parker & Clarissa Bright.
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Can one human woman seduce the most powerful males in the galaxy? I’m about to find out.

When the Aelyd mafia took my best friend, I decided to go looking for her. These aliens have been looking for brides – for vessels – and I know she must be in trouble.

Now I’ve found myself entangled with three alien crimelords, all of whom want me as their mate.

Keon, the Deviant Prince of the Ganivet Family.

Atlas, the Ganivet Boss, known as the Untouchable Man.

And Corvus, the stoic, deadly assassin playing them both.

I’ll have to tread carefully to trap these men in my web, but I’ll do it using my wits, my charm, and my body.

And hopefully I won’t get caught myself.

my review

OK, so this was pure smut and ridiculous smut at that. But it was also silly fun. You can’t go in expecting to take it seriously. The idea that any of these characters are actually the dangerous professionals that the authors tell us they are is a joke. As someone smarter than me once said, fiction doesn’t have to be realistic, but it does need to be believable (in the context of the plot). None of these characters are. Nor is the progression of the romantic element of the story believably paced. (Especially in the case of Corvus.) The BDSM aspect feels completely out of place. (Somehow, the aliens don’t know what a boyfriend is, but know what a sub is.) And the plot is paper thin, though not porn-with-plot thin. Just accept all of that in advance.

Because outside of the above, there is some fun banter, sweet moments, sword crossing, and a strong platonic female friendship. The book is fun. Just don’t think too deeply about any single part of it.veiled in shadow photo

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