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Review of All Plants are Edible Once, by Chris Dinesen Rogers

I won a signed copy of All Plants are Edible Once, by Chris Dinesen Rogers, through Goodreads:

Description from Goodreads:

Ever wonder how plants got their names? Or can you guess what plant has over 40 common names because of all its uses? “All Things Are Edible Once” explores the world of herbalists and folklore. Learn how plants we consider weeds now were an important part of historical use. For example, did you know that dandelions were brought over to America–intentionally? Or did you know that the Saxons used creeping Charlie in beer making? Learn these facts and more on a journey into the world of the herbalists.


If you are interested in the folklore use of mid-western American plants this is a fun little reference guide. It only includes about 40 plants, but they seem to have been carefully chosen. The book is obviously self-published. There is the occasional editing error, such as reference to a lover being spurred instead of spurned and some of the formatting wanders at times. BUT the narrative is very personable and conversational, making the whole thing feel like you’re reading a long lost relatives foraging guide and, personally, I feel like this matches the subject significantly better than a slicker, more professional version would. If you’re looking for a far reaching, covers everything guide to foraging this is not the book for you. If you’re interested in a local’s limited, but individualized account of her time in the wild give this one a try. I can more easily see this selling well in a park gift shop than Amazon, but it has a place on the shelves for sure.

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