A housekeeping note

If you’ve been paying attention you might have noticed something new on the blog. Suddenly, when posting reviews of physical books I snap a picture, rather than download an image, and almost always with a beverage.

This literally started by accident, with Skin Lane. I was on the patio with the book and a box of Lemon Heads and took a picture to tweet about having my afternoon planned. Then, shortly there after, I glanced over on the couch, where I had unthinkingly set Taming Heather and my tea cup together. On a whim, I grabbed a picture of it. Thus, started the habit. There was no real thought to it and I’m no photographer, but I find I enjoy it. So, I’m going to continue. Because lets be honest, more often than not I do have a cuppa with me when I settle in with a book.

This could easily go without comment. In fact, it pretty much has. Except that this morning my husband was scrolling through my blog and asked, “What the heck are you drinking in all these pictures?” Ummm, the answer is almost always tea. But almost always isn’t always and I thought I might add a little note at the end of the post about the drink; and I thought I’d state my intention in advance to avoid any confusion about why there are suddenly tea references in my book reviews.

All I need is tea

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