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Book Review: Blood On My Name, by K. Elle Morrison

I picked up a freebie copy of K. Elle Morrison‘s Blood On My Name. I think I maybe saw it on Tiktok originally. I happen to have downloaded it on my birthday. So, let’s call it a birthday present.

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Mara has nowhere else to run when she summons the ancient demon Vepar to make a deal. He promises to rid her of the man hunting her down for a price: Her name.

Vepar keeps to his word and erases Mara from her abusive ex’s mind, but Vepar is back to retrieve her only a day later with his twin brother at his side.

Mara must find strength within herself to survive… and fight the growing lust for the dark, sexy demon holding her hostage.

Zepar has found his place on Earth collecting the souls of wealthy and desperate business executives. His wicked ways are interrupted when Vepar ropes him into helping conceal Mara from their holy brethren and a Prince of Hell. But he quickly sees something within Mara that’s worth tearing apart Heaven and Hell to save.

Just because I stumbled across it, so I decided to share:

my review
Meh, there wasn’t really anything super wrong with this. It was slow and I never felt particularly immersed in the plot. But it was fine. But there just wasn’t anything that stood out as more than fine either.

There were a roughly equal number of things I appreciated and that annoyed me. I appreciated that Zepar wasn’t the ultra top dog, alpha a-hole. But I found the inclusion of BDSM references annoying and pedestrian, considering it wasn’t integrated into the plot at all. I liked the way Vepar was willing to step aside for his brother. But I also didn’t understand why he was so invested in the whole affair if he was so willing to step aside. I thought the Biblical lore was used interestingly, but also that the ending fell flat.

So, all in all, I’ll call this a middle of the road read.

blood on my name

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Book Review: The Brother’s Curse, by Christine M. Germain

I accepted a review copy of Christine M. Germain‘s The Brother’s Curse through R & R Tours during it’s book tour. It was also featured over on Sadie’s Spotlight. You can hop over there for author information and a giveaway.

Christine Germain ebook

A year after the brutal death of her parents, Crystal Francois moves back home to the eerie small town of Lakeview Falls. When one of her neighbors goes away abruptly leaving his home to be watched by a young man named Jason Warwick, Crystal finds herself falling for him instantly because of his charming ways and dashing good looks.

Two weeks before her 25th birthday, she receives a rare antique purple amethyst stone necklace that is left for her by her late mother; A necklace with a deadly past and horrible consequences when being worn. She finds out that wearing the necklace causes her and her friends to be the target for two sadistic tyrannical evil 18th-century old Shapeshifter brothers who will not stop till they find her and retrieve the chariot stone necklace that holds their father and 24 demonic Shapeshifters captive.

When young men from town go missing, and bodies showing up eaten or skinned alive. Lakeview Falls is on high alert. It doesn’t take long for Crystal to discover that the new guy in town isn’t who he claims to be or if he is even human.

my review

It brings me no joy to give a book a poor review, especially a book by a new author. And I’ll say up from that this book has many good reviews. I appear to be in the minority here. But the simple fact of the matter is that I do not think that this book was ready for publication. I think it has an interesting premise and cast of characters, but it needed to pass through the hands of both a copy and developmental editor before publication.

What’s more, while I very much appreciated the diversity in the cast, there is some stereotyping going on and—personal opinion here—I’d have rethought the present tense narrative. Put simply, the book is rough and to try to name all the ways would feel like an attack. So, I’m going to leave it at ‘the book needed significantly more editing than it appears to have received.’

However, I do want to reiterate that I think it has an interesting kernel of an idea and I appreciate that it’s the men who are largely the nameless victims. That might seem an odd thing to comment on. But if you really stop and think about all the books you’ve read, we consistently culturally paint women in the victim role. And, unless you are making a concerted effort to avoid it, that shows in the media we all consume. I appreciate that Germain flipped the tables here.

Lastly, as just an FYI, this is dually listed under the paranormal and horror genres. I would call this much more horror than paranormal.

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Book Review: Invitation to Hell, by Amber Bunch

I accepted a review copy of Invitation to Hell (by Amber Bunch) through R&R Tours. It was also featured over on Sadie’s Spotlight. You can hop over there for an excerpt, author information, an opportunity for some pre-order swag, and a chance to win a copy of the book for yourself.

Casebound Cover ITH sample

What if, all you’ve ever known was ripped away from you…

You were thrown into a world full of the same creatures that have haunted your nightmares for years. Magic, and the Gods are no longer a myth, but a part of your destiny.

Now, you’re about to lose everything and everyone you love to an evil King known as the Devourer of Souls.

Then, there’s Hades son…

The ruthless Prince that drives you crazy and thinks you are a waste of his time.

You can’t stand him, but he has been instructed to protect you, so now you have to deal with his arrogance on top of everything else.

The two of you must travel across the Realms to find a way to stop King Lucius before all is lost and you still don’t even know how to use your newly awakened power.

Well, this should be fun.

I’m afraid I was not impressed by this one. I think it has an interesting idea, with the mixed mythologies, secret child of divinity, alpha a-hole romance, etc. But the whole thing is just SO RUSHED. There is basically no build-up to ANYTHING. The books reads like an outline—like ‘here are what will be the highlights of the plot’—but also like the author then forgot to go back and flesh it out. I felt no connection to the characters, just felt confused by the multiple pantheons, got whip-lash from the romance, and then finished the book with a shrug (and that’s even with the hook for book two in there).

Mechanically, the writing seems as fine as I can judge in an ARC (and ‘unedited ARC’ at that). I can’t speak to editing, etc—again, I read an ARC. But I can say it’s readable, just sparse on the buildup and rushed in the plotting. I also hope the author invests in a better cover before publication.

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