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Book Review: The Prince of Crows, by Vil N. Vile

I picked up a freebie copy of Vil N. Vile‘s The Prince of Crows on Amazon.

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When Emra Lunaras is chosen for the Harvest, she goes without a fight. Her life in Ronan isn’t anything exceptional. The chance to cross the Veil and explore the Fae world, though most likely a death sentence, is better than staying put. What she finds there is nothing she could have ever imagined, though. Four Fae, appearing in various monstrous forms, keep her guarded in the Prince of Crow’s magical Manor. Expecting them to tire of her and eventually eat her heart, she is on constant alert. But it becomes clear pretty quickly that not everything is as it seems, and she might be their only chance at survival. And their salvation.

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Meh, this started out well enough with a bit of worldbuilding and character introduction. Then it all kind of fell apart or rather fell to the wayside. None of the little bit of worldbuilding turned out to be relevant, and the characters introduced were quickly dropped, never to be seen again. Once Emra crosses the veil, the book basically starts anew with different characters.

Still, I thought this second take might turn out to be a fun read. It, too, started out well. But unfortunately, that did not last long. Now, I expected the book to be smutty. But the smut started abruptly and wasn’t at all stitched into the plot, and it was overly mechanical. Thus, it was not particularly engaging. Plus, the whole thing was just kind of predictable and bland.

All in all, I’ll pass on more of the series.

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