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Alpha review challenge

Sooooo, I recently completed a mini challenge based on Omegas. I basically searched out all the books I had with Omega in the title and read them over a weekend. It was a random idea that I ran with.

Well, here’s another one. Alphas. They’re a pair, Alpha and Omega, especially in shifter books, which is most of what I read in the Omega challenge. By the end of the challenge I was pretty firmly convinced that apparently Omegas are only allowed to mate with Alphas. It’s ridiculous, obviously, but seemed to be the theme of the day for the books I had my hands on.

So, here I am, having read all my Omega books……..but I have all these Alpha books too…and they’re so often paired…and now the Alphas feel abandoned on my To-Be-Read shelf…

Alpha Challenge

What’s an obsessive reader to do? Well, read them of course. But I think this challenge is going to be over a longer period of time, between other books and editing (lots and lots of editing of my own work). I bought them all (free probably) because they interested me at the time, but none of them light me on fire right now, just the idea of clustering them. (I know, I’m weird like that.) So, I’m going to take it slow.

A couple notes though: That last one is a bundle, so it’ll include three books. Though I don’t think any of them are overly long. Alpha Knows Best is a sequel that, as I understand it, doesn’t stand alone, so I’ll need to read book one. I dropped one book from the search results for being the first in a rather long series. It was the series name, not the title, that included the word Alpha anyway, and I can count at least a further ten Alpha books I’ve already read; quite a lot of Patricia Briggs, for example.

It’ll be interesting to see how (if at all) the books differ when the focus is on the ‘strong’ half of the pairing rather than the ‘weaker.’ Which is, of course, already utilizing and expecting some of the same stereotypical Alpha/Omega mythology—that the Alpha is the strong leader and the Omega is the weakest member of the pack. This obviously isn’t a universal to shifter novels and I’m REALLY hoping to find a little variation here.

If You’d like further information on any of the books, here are some links.

Alpha’s Baby
Alpha Girl
Alpha’s Surprise Baby
Alpha Moon (possibly followed by Silver Moon)
Alpha Mine
Wolf Creek Alpha
Trust: Running With Alphas
The Alpha Meets his Match
Malcom (Alpha, #1)
Alpha Knows Best (preceded by Demon Street Blues)
Sizzling Hot Alpha Male Paranormal Romance Box Set

So, that’s a fairly hefty list to read, between 11 and 14 books depending on if I include any of the sequels some of them have and I happen to already own (and that’s pending no new ones pop up). That aught to keep me occupied for a while. Yeah?

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