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Book Review: Behind the Curtain, by W.R. Gingell

I pre-ordered a copy of W.R. Gingell‘s Behind the Curtain. The drop day snuck up on me, though. So, it felt like a perfect surprise when I noticed it. I read the first three books in the series earlier this year. You can find the reviews here.

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The world Between is full of dangers, shadows, and reflections. Athelas knows the dangers, is one with the shadows—and has finally encountered a reflection could be just a bit too much like himself for comfort.

The house master has come back. Nobody will quite say who he is, or why he owns the house. And to Athelas’ growing irritation, no one will talk about the oddly powerful influence the house master seems to have over Camellia.

YeoWoo knows exactly who and what the house master is—and she knows exactly how much danger Camellia is in. The question she can’t quite seem to answer is: How much safer is it to put Camellia into Athelas’ power than it is to leave her in the house master’s power?

There are nightmares skulking in the corners. Pieces of curse lingering beneath the couch. And soon Camellia will have to make a choice between two evils.

To add insult to injury, the teapot has gone missing…

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Last year, The City Between took me by storm, and I binged the whole 10-book series. This year, I’ve been inching my way through the follow-up series, one book at a time, as they become available. It’s torture. But I’ve loved watching Athelas, YeoWoo, Camellia, Harrow, and the crew become a family. Gingell has a way with soft, subtle reveals, and I am here for it.

I’ll admit that there have been times that I wasn’t entirely sure what the subtlety of language was hinting at, or a character would say something along the lines of “I see…” but I do not, in fact, see. These are rare moments, though, and hugely overshadowed by how much I love every one of these characters, especially now that Harrow speaks (and, oh, the things he observes).

I cannot wait for March and the next book. But for a binger like myself, this read, wait, repeat is hell.behind the curtain photo

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