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Blood Lust reading challenge wrap up

Blood LustWeeeeelllll, I can officially say that books titled Blood Lust are apparently not likely to be for me. Wow, I am flabbergasted at how badly this challenge went.

I don’t usually use star ratings here on the blog. I want people to have to read the written review to know my opinion. But I’ve given each book a review post where that can be read, so for this wrap up I’m going to bring over the star ratings I used when I cross posted to Goodreads. Let’s look at the numbers, I think it will make a startling and sad point.

I rated these books as follows (scroll over):

That’s 2, 3, 1, 1 or a collective average of 1.75! But that’s actually rounding up. Zoe Winter’s Blood Lust was a compilation of three novellas, which I rated as 1, 2, 2.5. So, the average of all three would be 1.83, making the real average of all four Blood Lust books 1.7075. What’s more, since Jessica Gibson’s Blood Lust was a prequel and I had book one (Love and Blood), I went ahead and read it. I’ll average it in too. I gave it another 1 star. (I honestly have never given so many 1 stars so close together in all my years of reviewing.) This brings the collective average of the books read for this challenge to 1.566! That barely even rounds up.

I think my overall thought on the matter is that if an author isn’t concerned about using a common (as in frequently occurring) title, they aren’t bothered if they write a common (as in a lacking taste and refinement) book.

Each of these books was a fail for me. The challenge however was not. Because, though the books sucked, I still garnered a lot of amusement out of reading them back-to-back, seeing them line up in my review list, tweeting four Blood Lust reviews in a row, etc. Yes, the actual reading is significant, but it’s important to remember it isn’t the ONLY enjoyment that can be gained from a book.

I have no doubt I’ll do another such challenge. I noticed when I alphabetised my TBR list, for example, that I also have three books titled Blood Bound, which is especially noteworthy since I had five titled Bound by Blood. That’s what started these title-centric challenges to begin with. (Man authors need to work on ensuring variety in their titles, particularly around blood apparently.) Hopefully, though, the next challenge will go better than this one.



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