Aalto, A. J. Touched, Death Rejoices, Last Impressions

Adrian, Lara A Touch of Midnight, Kiss of Midnight

Amesbury, Cat The Guests of Honor

Andrews, Ilona Magic Bites

Arthur, Keri Memory Zero

Ashburn, J.  Man and the Beast

Ashton, Avril (Watch Me) Break You


Bailey, Paul The Prince’s Boy

Barczak, Tom Veil of the Dragon

Bardugo, Leigh Shadow and Bone

Black, Colette Noble Ark

Blake, Lexi Steal the Light

Bock, J. T. A Surefire Way

Boler, Olivia The Flower Bowl Spell

Breene, K. F. Into the Darkness

Brook, Meljean The Iron Duke, Heart of Steel

Brues, H. J. Warriors & Healers

Bruno, Joseph Find Big Fat Fanny Fast

Bruno, Tom Confessions of a Gourmand, or How to Cook a Dragon

Bryant, Matthew Towers

Burkoer, Lindsey The Emperor’s Edge Collection (#1-3)


Calmes, Mary Acrobat, Change of Heart, All Kinds of Tied Down

Capell, Mark Café Insomniac

Cargill, Michael Shades of Grey

Cassatta, Allison Sin & Seduction

Cassian, John Killing Matt Cooper

Cates, Skylar M. The Guy From Glamour

Charles, K. J. The Magpie Lord, A Case of Possession, Flight of Magpies

Christo, Rose Gives Light

Claire, Nicola Kindred

Cochet, Charlie Hell & High Water, Blood & Thunder

Collins, Margo Bond Waking Up Dead

Composto-Hart, Domenico Italo Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai

Conway, C. B. A Russian Bear

Cooper, Lia The Duality Paradigm, The Convergence Theory

Cray, Claire Hidden Talents (#1-7)

Cross, Janine Touched by Venom, Shadowed by Wings

Cusick-Jones, Melanie Hope’s Daughter


Dacosta, Pippa Beyond the Veil

Dane, Lauren Laid Bare

Dee, Cara Aftermath

Demont, Vaughn R. House of Stone, Coyote’s Creed, Lightning Rod, Community Service

Dennison, Poppy Mind Magic, Body Magic, Soul Magic, Wild Magic

Deskins, Brock E. Shrouds of Darkness

Dubrow, David The Blessed Man and the Witch

Dunson, Ashley Dark Moon Rising

Dunst, Kyra Severed Bonds

Dyachenko, Maryna & Sergey Vita Nostra, The Burned Tower


Ee, Suzan Angelfall

Eden, Cynthia Bound by Blood, The Wolf Within

Einspanier, Elizabeth Sheep’s Clothing

Ellisson, C. J. Vampire Vacation


Fay, Kiersten A Wicked Hunger

Fleisher, Gelo R. Shadowcursed

Fox, Angie The Accidental Demon Slayer

Franklin, Alis LieSmith

Frederickson, Amanda Keystone


Getzin, Jeffrey  Shara and the Haunted Village, A Lesson for the Cyclops

Giammatteo, Giacomo  Murder Takes Patience

Grant, Donna Fire Rising, part one

Grey, T. A. Take Me

Griscom, Susan Whisper Cape

Grotta, Sally Wiener The Winter Boy


Hahn, Joni Agent I1: Tristan

Hales, Wendy S. Immortal Becoming

Hall, Alexis Iron & Velvet, Shadow & Dreams, Prosperity, Sun and Ruin and Gold

Hall, Linda Night Watch

Harris, Daisy From the Ashes

Harrison, Thea Dragon Bound, Storm’s Heart

Hassell, Santino & Ais Evenfall (part 1)

Hawk, Jordan L. Hainted

Haworth, Scott Dark Moonlighting

Henley, A. F. & Wyre, Kelly Vision Quest

Henry, H. Anne One Broken

Henry, Lisa Dark Space

Hero, R. D. Rorschach Blots

Herzer, Natalie Blue Moon Rising

Holm, Denna Soul of a Warrior

Hosseini, Khaled A Thousand Splendid Suns

Howerton, B. Alexander Gravettian Goddess

Huss, J.A. Clutch


Inman, John Spirit


Jackson, Tracey Jane Bound By Blood

Jakes, S. E. Catch a Ghost, Long Time Gone, Dirty Deeds

Johnson, K. Murry Image of Emeralds and Chocolate

Johnson,  Shakuita Dark Indiscretions


Kappes, Tonya A Charming Crime

Kirkland, David Lee The Last Dark Elf

Knight, Victoria Veiled

Krakowski, Tawn Darkling Drake

Kuzenski, Aimee Eye of the Storm


Lain, Tara The Pack or the Panther

Lake, Keri The Fallen

Lane, Jourdan Bound By Blood

Laurent, Cassie The Shifter’s Conspiracy

Lee, Laura Pixie Dust

Levinson, Dan Fires of Man

Linn, Heather Shattered Skies

Liu, Cixin The Three-Body Problem

LoTempio, Toni No Rest for the Wicca

Lupton, P. A. Bound By Blood

Lyn, Viki & Grey, Vina For The Bite Of It


M, Jessie Night Angels

Mac Nicol, Susan Double Alchemy

Malone, Nana Protectors Series (#0.05-2)

Manderino, Tara Bound By Blood

Marsden, Sommer Lion Hearted, Beast In Me

Marsh, Ann Tempted by the Pack

Mass, Sarah J. Throne of Glass

Maxfield, Z. A. Home the Hard Way

Mayer, Shannon Dark Waters, Dark Isle, Dark Fae

McAuley, S. A. Damaged Packages

McBride, Belinda An Uncommon Whore

McKenna, Kendall Strength of the Pack

Mercer, Aldous Royce Ree Omnibus, The Prince and the Program

Merikan, K. A. Road to no Return

Merrow, J. L. Muscling Through

Meuwissen, Amanda Incubus


Nash, Marc An Eye For An Eye For An Eye

Neko, Kichiku & TogaQ Father Figure

Nordberg, Jenny The Underground Girls of Kabul

Northcote, Jay Nothing Serious


O’Dowd, Katy Memento Mori

Olsen, Lisa Pretty Witches All in a Row


Pandian, Gigi The Accidental Alchemist

Parker, Leigh The Four Gs

Peterman, Robyn Fashionably Dead

Peterson, S. J. D. BAMF

Poppet Phoebe & Seithe, Zaria & Zaraun

Pressey, Rose The Complete Rylie Cruz Series

Publius Venus and Adonis


Quarles, Dylan James The Ruins of Mars


Radcliffe, Kris Austin Games of Fate

Raver, Dawna Colour Wielders

Richards, Victoria Voodoo Love

Roman, Katie Mere Mortal

Rylands, Emily Murder Most Witchy


Sarge, K. D. Knight Errant, His Faithful Squire, Queen’s Man

Schmidt, Jamie K. The Queen’s Wings

Scott, Angel Wanted: Dead or Undead

Seville, Jane Zero at the Bone

Sexton, Marie Promises

Soriano, M. F. Blood Brothers

Speed, Andrea Prey/Infected, Bloodlines

Stevens, Shelli Savage Hunger

Suede, Damon Grown Men, Seedy Business

Swatling, David Calvin’s Head


Tara, Jane Forecast

Tilton, E. S. Betrayed by Desire

Tracey, Jaclyn Eden’s Charms

Tressler, Anene Dancing With Gravity

Turner, Rebekah Chaos Born, Chaos Bound

Tyler, Paige Her Perfect Mate


Urban, Madeleine & Roux, Abigail Cut & Run


Via, A. E. Nothing Special

Violante, Maria Hunting in Hell (Hunting the Five & Honor in Hell)

Violet, Silvia Finding Release

Voinov, Aleksandr Scorpion


Wilder, Adrienne My Brother’s Keeper

Wilson, Glenn The Marcher Lord

Witt, L. A. Static


Xiaolong, Qiu Death of a Red Heroine


Young, Robert Adrenaline


Zane, Parker Tin

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