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Book Review: Cosmic Kiss, by Clio Evans

I received this copy of Clio EvansCosmic Kiss in one of my book subscription boxes. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one (I’ll edit this if I remember).

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“Prepare to be scandalized by the hottest shooting star in the universe…”

Stella is a rising star in her intergalactic troupe. Focused on her blooming career, she never expected to be blindsided by one handsome alien, let alone two.

Prince Zin and Chancellor Toras are determined to win their dazzling human over, even if they have to put their differences aside. The two sexy space hunks will do anything for Stella. Worship her, seduce her, charm her— and protect her from the mysterious poison spreading through the troupe.

A fateful encounter leads to an unforgettable cosmic kiss that puts this trio in the spotlight of love. Will Stella, Zin, and Toras follow their hearts and shoot for the stars?

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This is porn with plot…sweet porn with plot. I’m not judging. I knew what I was picking up in that regard. But I want to make sure everyone else does, too. Cosmic Kiss is a really sweet, low-stakes, low-angst read. And if that’s your jam, I absolutely recommend this to you. As much as I liked Stella, Zin, and Toras as characters, sweet isn’t really jam, unfortunately. I sort of find it similar to eating egg whites; perfectly fine, maybe even good for you, but where is all the flavor? But that is a matter of personal preference, not quality. Clio Evans writes fun monster romances. I have no doubt I will read more of them. I think I just prefer her darker books.

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