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Book Review: Not So Kind Regards, by Clio Evans

I’d seen Clio EvansNot so Kind Regards recommended several times. So, when it popped up as a freebie on Amazon, I snagged a copy. not so kind regards cover

It’s just another Monster Monday…

Inferna expected many things to happen— but sparks flying between her, the office rival, and his lover was not one of them.

Calen is a nerdy omega witch, one that Inferna wants to sink her teeth into. Art is a stuck-up boss but can be a little more charming outside the regular 9-5.

After an evil HR agent shows up with an agenda, everything starts to change. No one is safe, tensions are high, and the creatures of Warts & Claws Inc will have to fight spell and claw to make it to the weekend.

Can Inferna, Calen, and Art survive a work week from hell while discovering a love that’s off the charts?

my review

This is just silly, sexy fun. It’s monster smut; very light on plot and heavy on the dirty talk. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I wasn’t reading it for the potential plot anyhow. There is just enough to give the characters a stage to perform on. So, not none, but not a fleshed-out one, either. I enjoyed what little there was. Unfortunately, dirty talk isn’t really my jam. So, while the sex scenes were fine, they didn’t light me on fire or anything.

Overall, however, I liked all of the characters, the power dynamics of the trio (you just don’t see enough fem doms and switches, in my opinion), and the over-arching world. I’ll happily come back to read the next in the series, even if I won’t call this a new favorite.

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