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Book Review: Camera Obscura, by Christina Quinn

There’s this thing I do sometimes where I search out the edges of Amazon Prime’s algorithm for absurdly cheap paperbacks. I like to let fate and random mathematics sell me a book. That is how I came across Christina Quinn‘s Camera Obscura.  

For as long as Rose can remember, she’s been an assassin for the Order of Shadows—those who act as judge, jury, and executioner for the supernatural. She’s a highly trained assassin; an expert in subterfuge, manipulation, and firearms—which doesn’t exactly make for the best bedside manner when she’s not on the clock. But when Vampires kill nearly every member of House Sterling, Rose finds herself forced to turn from a killer into protector and detective.

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I’m fairly torn on how to feel about this one. I like the idea of it so much, Nate is worth a star all on his own, and, honestly, the actual writing is pretty good. (The editing is a bit of a mess, but that’s another issue all together.) Which means my dislike of the book is based on subjective, personal preferences, not objective quality ones.

But, to me, the decision to protect the heir of House Sterling (as stated in the blurb) makes no sense in the actual situation. So, from the very beginning the plot is pretty shaky. And it just gets worse from there. Rose has a SERIOUS case of “I’m not like other girls.” Well, for her it’s “I’m not like other people,” but it’s the same in this situation. The narrative says some version of “other people might…but not me…” about two dozen times. We get it, you’re special.

Every male (other than the disposable minions) is in love with her, even though she’s a bitch to every single one of them. She’s the hottest, smartest, most skilled, etc. etc. etc. It got awful hard to relate to her, and I don’t even mean because she’s an admitted sociopath.

Lastly, I hated, I mean REALLY hated the ending. I see that it is leaving things open for a sequel. But it was so unsatisfying I can’t imagine wanting to come back for more.

So, I suppose this is just a matter of the wrong reader for the book. Like I said, the writing isn’t bad if you can over look the editing. But I didn’t like the rest of it.

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