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Nightwalker title

Book Review: Nightwalker, by A. J. Llewellyn

I purchased a paperback copy of Nightwalker, by A. J. Llewellyn.

In Los Angeles, Lauro is a working psychic with a secret…he is a Nightwalker, a man with an ability that allows his spirit to roam the streets late at night in search of people who need help and healing. Descended from the ancient, persecuted Benandanti that worked in Northern Italy, and born with the caul covering his face, Lauro learned the legends of his birthright from his mother.

Now, when a hot young model, Alex, comes to him for a reading, Lauro is torn by grief at being unable to see nothing ahead for the man. Confiding his concerns to his lover, LAPD detective Madrigal, Lauro fears for Alex’s safety.

But Lauro soon learns his client gave him a false name. And he now knows his recurring dream is real. Alex has been kidnapped, and somewhere in his nightly “walks,” Lauro comes into contact with the man’s abductor, a frightening and evil man who will stop at nothing to kill his prey. As Lauro gets closer to the truth, he starts to experience long-dormant memories of his centuries-old life, terrified that what befell him during the Roman Inquisition is a horrific prophecy of the future…

my reivew

I found this surprisingly enjoyable for something so short. Usually I dislike ‘books’ shorter than a hundred or so pages because they don’t manage to tell a whole story. But here, I felt Llewellyn managed it. Could it have been expanded into a full novel-length book? Sure, I feel like the plot could have been stretched and beefed up to fit (and I’d have probably liked it more, just because I like longer stories) but it doesn’t feel lacking as is, just different.

I liked Lauros and his integrity. I liked Madrigal and his struggles to accept and not feel inadequate in the face of Lauros’ abilities. I liked the mother. But I felt like the book gave unnecessary detail at times, causing the plot to drag a bit. And I oddly felt the explicit sex gratuitous. I say odd because I generally like me some down and dirty time. But in a piece so short, I think the page count dedicated to several detailed sex scenes felt out of proportion to the whole.

All in all, however, I enjoyed the writing and will happily pick up another of Llewellyn’s books.


Through the Black Mirror

Book Review: Through the Black Mirror, by Blaise Ramsay

Not too long ago I received an Amazon credit and, as I sometimes do, I offered to spend it on buying the book of a Twitter follower. Through the Black Mirror, by Blaise Ramsay was one of the books I bought.

about the book

Through the Black Mirror

“And it shall come, thy final day. When the last of the Witch Hunters cuts thy head from thy shoulders. The reign of the witch shall end when the Bishop’s cross runs red with blood…”

All Zayne Bishop wanted to do was collect the money for the head of the latest witch he killed. As the last of the Bishop line of Witch Hunters, Zayne was all that stood between the innocent and creatures of nightmare. He could not have known the drunken man running into the bar, screaming about how his daughter was abducted by another witch, would be the tool of his ultimate downfall.

Riding into the forest, Zayne finds himself the unfortunate victim of an ambush that left him battered and bruised. The Grand Dark Witch, Carmellia, prompted by an ancient prophecy, hurls the Witch Hunter through the Black Mirror into the streets of San Francisco.

Found and nursed back to health by the handsome Dhamphyre, Logan Myre, Zayne must fight for his life against a horde of witches and demons controlled by the very witch who threw him, half-dead, into the streets.

As their search for a way to get Zayne back grows more dire, it soon becomes apparent there may be no easy way to get the Witch Hunter home. It turns out being thrown through the mirror doesn’t offer Zayne safety from Carmellia’s influence as the witches are able to communicate across worlds through the mysterious Black Mirrors.

And one of them is just as dangerous.

my review

Ok, I’m going to start off by saying that nothing in the description, cover, Amazon tags, etc prepared me for the fact that this is a Young Adult title. And anyone who claims it isn’t I’m going to hit right in the face with, “It sure would be if the hero was a heroine.” He’s 18ish, is told to act “his age” multiple times by people referring to themselves and him as teenagers. Yes, there is some lack of consistency in that one of those ‘teens’ happens to be a several centuries old vampire, but this is a YA book and I didn’t realize that when I bought it. I’m pretty burned out on YA and would not have chosen if I’d known. So, this book admittedly started on it’s back foot, so to speak.

Having said all of that, what I disliked so about it wasn’t it’s YA-ness. It was the writing. I won’t say it’s objectively bad. But it’s sure not to my particular liking. I felt like it was clunky, jagged, and jumped around. Further, I felt like the main character was given one emotional note (pointless and often unnecessary anger). He and it were written so bluntly that I basically disliked him the entire time. There were deus ex machina successes, leaps of logic I couldn’t follow, instant and unexplained loyalties, unaccounted for passages of time, inconsistencies, and repetitions.

The idea behind this book isn’t a bad one. But I finished it by force of will alone.

Found at sea

Book Review: Found at Sea, by Jaclyn Osborn

I picked up a copy of Jaclyn Osborn‘s Found at Sea (Tales of Fate #1) as a freebie on Amazon.

They call me the demon of the sea. A pirate captain so cruel that not even death will claim me. They aren’t wrong.

Any humanity I once had is gone. I’m cursed. A curse that will someday consume me, unless I find the key to breaking it. Just when I’m beginning to lose hope, I meet an auburn-haired beauty in a tavern who captivates me like no other, and my cold heart starts to beat again.

He’s innocent. Pure. And I’m so very wicked. But I still crave him.

I crave adventure. Listening to sailors weave tales of their exploits makes me long to see the world as they have. But my life is ordinary. Then, pirates enter the tavern one night and press-gang me to join the crew.

I’m both afraid and excited by what awaits me aboard the legendary pirate ship. Captain Kellan Flynn is dangerous. However, he awakens a desire I’ve never felt before. The cold, hard stare he gives others softens when he looks at me.

If he’s as horrible as they say, why do I feel so drawn to him?

*Found at Sea is a fantasy romance featuring a grumpy pirate, sexy times in the captain’s cabin, and swashbuckling adventure. HEA guaranteed.*

my review

I quite enjoyed this. It wasn’t flawless. The writing gets a little jinky at times (the descriptors in the sex scenes seemed to especially make me cringe), it’s super sappy, and the plot is really predictable. Plus, there’s the disconnect between the DREADED PIRATE and the fact that the character is actually really sweet. I realize that his growth from a bad man to a good man is one of the primary plots of the book, but he kind of feels like he starts as a good man. So, I never really believed him as this blood-thirsty, horrible, feared pirate.

Having said all that, I just enjoyed reading the story. I liked the characters. I liked the platonic friendships and that there were straight, bi, and gay characters. I’m curious enough to see what happens to Alek to seek out the next book. And doesn’t that really say more than anything else? I’m ready for more.