2023 Reviews

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the heretic royal banner

Aiken, G.A. The Heretic Royal

desire aforethought banner

Alessy, Kyra – Demons and Debts, Debts and Darkness, Darkness and Debauchery

night in his eyes banner

Alisyn, Emma – Night in His Eyes

monsters of midlife banner

Amade, Melle – Monsters of Midlife

resonant banner

Andry, David – Resonant

choosing theo banner

Aveline, Victoria – Choosing Theo


anne e beall books banner

Beall, Anne. E. – Cinderella Didn’t Live Happily Ever After, Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules

courting her monsters banner

Bedford, Erin – Courting Her Monsters

soul mage banner

Blackwood, Lisa – Soul Mage

an unseen midlife banner

Boruff, L.A. & Anderson, Lainie – Bloom in Blood, Dance in Night

Fire and Ice covers

Breene, K.F. – Born in Fire, Raised in Fire, Fused in Fire

the rowan banner

Brie, Stella – The Rowan

veiled in shadow banner

Bright, Clarissa & Parker, Chloe – Veiled in Shadow

The Serpent and the Wings of Night banner

Broadbent, Carissa – The Serpent and the Wings of Night

cruel shadows banner

Brooks, Harper A. – Cruel Shadows

pizza shop exorcist banner

Brown, Dakota – The Price of Possession, The Price of Exorcism

her irish treasures banner

Burkhart, Joely – Shamrocked, Leprechauned, Evil Eyed

fractured stars banner

Buroker, Lindsay – Fractured Stars



Calder, Alexis – Kingdom of Blood & Salt

the blue flame banner

Cantwell, Christopher – The Blue Flame

how to get a girlfriend when you're a terrifying monster

Cardno, Marie – How to Get a Girlfriend When You’re a Terrifying Monster

a demons guide to the afterlife covers

Carpenter, Kel & Jane, Aurelia – Dark Horse, White Rave, Black Swan

reject me banner

Carpenter, Kel & Jane, Aurelia – Reject Me

Cassidy, Debbie – Reaper Unexpected, Reaper Uninvited, Reaper Untamed, Reaper Unveiled, Reaper Undone, Reaper Unhinged, Reaper Unleashed

crooked paradise banner

Chance, Eva & King, Harlow – Scorned Princess, Perilous Lady, Ruthless Queen, Lethal Empress.

Chase, Eva – Chosen by Villains

flirting with monsters banner

Chase, Eva – Shadow Thief, Twilight Crook, Dusk Avenger, Dark Champion

witch myth banner

Clarke, Alexandria – Witch Myth: Wildfire

kingdom of endless slumber banner

Cook, Paige A. – Kingdom of Endless Slumber


tangle of dragons banner

Darkspire, Jane – Tangle of Dragons

Daniel, Tim & Andry, David – End After End

stolen queen banner

Donovan, Jesi – Stolen Queen

radiance banner

Draven, Grace – Radiance

monsters of faery banner

Dunlin, Mallory – Captured by the Fae Beast, Claimed by the Flame of Faery



Erman, Mathew – Bonding

threads of fate banner

Esme, Lexi – Threads of Fate

cosmic kiss banner

Evans, Clio – Cosmic Kiss

doves and demons

Evans, Clio – Doves & Demons

not so kind regards banner

Evans, Clio – Not So Kind Regards


finding friday banner

Fox, Quell T. – Finding Friday


the worlds behind banner

Gingell, W.R. – A Whisker Behind, Behind Closed Doors, Wet Behind the Ears

behind the curtain banner

Gingell, W.R. – Behind the Curtain

grave stakes banner

Grahme, Grave – Grave Stakes


blade and thistle banner

Hale, Jacinda – Blade & Thistle

blood sugar banner

Haze, Michaela – Blood Sugar

the mountains mate banner

Hill, Sara Ivy – The Mountain’s Mate

welcome to nevermore bookshop banner

Holmes, Steffanie – A Dead and Stormy Night, Of Mice and Murder, Pride and Premeditation


scars banner

Isaly, Dana – Scars


Tate james banner

James, Tate – Hate, Liar

semi-charmed banner

Jordan, Isabel – Semi-Charmed


Mea Lupus Series covers

Kahaula – Smuggler’s Contubernium, Smuggler’s Run, Smuggler’s Pack


Kaplan, Zach – Mindset

den of vipers banner

Knight, K.A. – Den of Vipers

monsters and miseries banner

Koonce, A.K – Hellish Fae, Sinless Demons, Spiteful Creatures


stariel covers banner

Lancaster, A.J. – The Lord of Stariel, The Prince of Secrets, The Court of Mortals, The King of Faerie, A Rake of His Own

Hadley House banner

Lewin, Olivia – Hadley House


Harmony Ends banner

Magill, L.A. – Earth Song, Blood Shield, Wing Strike

wilde city banner

Marceau, Evie – Wilde City

Marting, Jessica – Wolf’s Lady

psycho shifters banner

Mas, Jasmine – Psycho Shifters, Psycho Fae, Psycho Beasts

soul eater banner

Mayne, Lily – Soul Eater

tentacles and teeth banner

Merrick, Rowan – Tentacles and Teeth

Moon, Kathryn – A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor


dark magic banner

Narita, Raluca – Dark Magic

alpha queen series banner

Night, Laurel – Wolf Shunned, Pack Claimed, Queen Crowned, Legacy Fulfilled


fearscape banner

O’Sullivan, Ryan – Fearscape, A Dark Interlude


in her thrall banner

Parker, Chloe – In Her Thrall

the power of three banner

Pearce, Kate – The Power of Three

olivia and the orc banner

Phillips, Honey – Olivia and the Orc


bonded to the alien warrior banner

Quinn, Kyla – Bonded to the Alien Warrior


lawless princes banner

René, Dani – Lawless Princes

the yaga's riders banner

Rochelle, C. – Rise of the Witch, A Witch Out of Time, Call of the Ride

apex society banner

Rochelle, C. & Featherstone, Cassandra – Come Out & Prey, Let Us Prey

kingdom of blood banner

Rose, Callie – Blood Debt, Dark Legacy, Vampire Wars

ruwen banner

Ruwen – Kate Rudolph



Schirmer, Brian – Quest Aside


Scott, Cavan & Howell, Corin – Shadow Service Vol 3


Seeley, Tim & Campbell, Aaron – West of Sundown

underground kings covers

Snow, Jenika – Cold Hearted Bastard, Reckless Heir, Corruption

silver moon rising and crescent calls banner

Spencer, Rosalie – Silver Moon Rising, Crescent Calls

escape of the fae banner

Spratt, Taylor – Escape of the Fae

taken to voraxia banner

Stephens Elizabeth – Taken to Voraxia

the lost siren banner

Storm, Raven – The Lost Siren


steele's salvation banner

Taylor, Leeah – Steele’s Salvation

monster whisperer banner

Trepagnier, J.B. – Monster Whisperer


mechanical magic banner

Ulrich, Lorraine – Mechanical Magic


carnal cryptids cover

Valentine, Vera – Carnal Cryptids: East Coast

the prince of crows banner

Vile, Vil N. – The Prince of Crows


Magic bureau of investigation covers

Walker, Albany – Homecoming Homicide, Creeping it Real, Perfectly Wicked

1001 nights of snowfall banner

Willingham, Bill – 1001 Nights of Snowfall

banner werewolves of the heartland

Willingham, Bill – Werewolves of the Heartland

live and left orc banner

Wyatt, Dani – Live and Let Orc

stolen by the orc commander banner

Wyatt, K.L. – Stolen by the Orc Commander


The Scum Villains Self-Saving System covers

Xiu, Mo Xiang Tong – The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System


seeking snow falls banner

Young, Jenn D. – Seeking Snow Falls


kobane calling banner

Zerocalcare – Kobane Calling

Short Stories

Chipping Away at the Short Story Shelf
More Short Stories

School/Text Books

I didn’t bother to review most of these beyond a sentence or two on Goodreads, but I did read them in their entirety. We simply won’t mention how many chapters, partial books, and articles I read!

Classics of Organization Theory
Decadent Developmentalism
Democracy and Social Ethics
From Development to Democracy
Governing for Revolution
How Civil Wars Start: And How to Stop Them
Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom
Left Behind: The Democrats’ Failed Attempt to Solve Inequality
Networks of Rebellion
One Economics, Many Recipes
Overreach: How China Derailed Its Peaceful Rise
Race & Ethnic Relations
Rioting for Representation
The Rational Peasant