Annoying closeup guy

‘Annoying close-up guy’ reading challenge wrap-up

Annoying closeup guy

So, that’s another reading challenge under the belt. You can find the reviews here:

Prophecy Foretold
Shadewright (along with Shadowslave)
Stalking Dead (along with Living Dead Girl)

You’ll notice that The Mark of Saturn is not listed. I’m afraid that I wasn’t able to finish that one. You can find my DNF ‘review’ here, on Goodreads. It turns out I have an early edition, which was titled Lumen: Blood Luminary but was the first edition of the same book. However, I can only assume (or desperately hope) that the subsequent editions improved on that first one.

Of the three books that I read (five if you include the tag alongs), Shadewright was the star. It was a tad slow and ended on a cliffhanger, but it had one really cute character, strong writing and an interesting plot.

All in all, I’ll call it a success.

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