Review of Vision Quest, by A.F. Henley & Kelly Wyre

Vision QuestI downloaded a free copy of Vision Quest, by A.F. Henley & Kelly Wyre, from Amazon. At the time of posting, it was still free.

Description from Goodreads:
When Arik Beltrán checks into a hotel on business, he expects the tedium of unfamiliar beds and boring meetings. He expects to meet a financial client and be home before the solitude of being a stranger in a mundane land becomes too much to bear. 

Instead Arik finds Blaze: a mysterious man with an inner fire that lives up to the name. Nothing in Arik’s life, not his deranged father nor even his faint brushes with the magic only Arik can see in the woven web of life could have prepared Arik for the man in the hotel lobby who casually invites Arik to room 1109 for late night … well, anything at all. 

Blaze Zaituc, on the other hand, knows exactly who Arik is and what Arik needs: Blaze. He has crossed land and sea to find the man who has appeared in Blaze’s Visions as the next target in the Quest that comprises Blaze’s life. Arik is someone for whom the Universe has plans, and Blaze must make sure Arik complies. Or else. 

Unaware of the lives and risks hanging in the balance, Arik untangles himself from the sheets in the silent hours of the morning. He wonders if he will find the door to 1109 open and waiting. He’s not a risk taker, but this one time, just this once, maybe he’ll take a chance… 

And seal both his and Blaze’s destinies forever.

Oh boy, I hardly know where to start with this one. To start with, it’s probably 75% sex. Yeah, you read that right. There is A LOT of sex (This is a 200+ page book.), which I don’t actually have a huge problem with, but I like to know that’s what I’m in for and was surprised to find it here. Some of that sex was smoking hot, some not so much and after a point it was just redundant.

The plot is weak. There is one and it hangs together up until the last 15% or so, which I’ll address in a moment. The reader spends the beginning of the book confused, as is intended. Once things start to come together the book smooths out, however the writing style is such that information is left scarce. This creates a certain horror-esque atmosphere, but also leaves the reader always feeling a little off balance.

Again, I think that feeling of just barely grasping what is happening was purposeful on the part of the authors. And it worked to a point…until the end. It felt like throughout the story the authors constrained themselves and walked a narrow path in which the book maintained a certain necessary level of realism. Then in the last 15-20% (pretty much everything after the lodge and definitely everything in Luca’s home) they just decided to let loose and skipped hand-in-hand off into La-La Fantasy Land. Things just got weird and not in a good way.

I could have dealt with the LSD-like visions. Visions often are symbolic, even if most of them had been pretty straightforward in the rest of the book. But that last sex scene…no, just weird. Not disturbing in any fashion, just too Middle-Grade fantasy merged with m/m sex. Lets just say, it didn’t work for me.

If I was going to rate this book, I’d give the first 80% a 3.5 and the last 20% a 1.5 star. The writing itself was fine. It was a little over-wordy at times, but readable. I noticed a few editing mistakes, but not enough to be bothered by.

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