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Book Review of Witch Hollow (Sunshine Walkingstick, #4) by Celia Roman

I received an Audible code for a copy of Celia Roman‘s Witch Hollow (narrated by Rebecca Winder). I reviewed the first three books here.

Description from Goodreads:

The day Terry Whitehead showed up on my door, I shoulda knowed trouble was hot on his heels, Terry being the feller what planted my boy Henry in my belly, then left me so fast, my head spun. Seems his daughter, Henry’s half-sister, went missing and the police done give up on finding her.

Much as I hated having anything to do with Terry, I couldn’t hardly abandon a young’un, especially one what was close kin to my boy, God rest him.

Only, little Sophie weren’t the only kid missing, and whatever took her left a trail of dark magic in its wake. Time was running short and the trail was cold. For the first time since Henry died, I floundered. Could I track down the monster what’d took Sophie while she could still be saved, or would my pride cost that little girl her life and all them other young’uns’, too?


Sunshine never lets me down. I appreciate how Sunshine refuses to be a damsel in distress. Even now that she’s decided to accept love in her life, she’s still in charge and trying her darnedest to protect everyone (including him). I liked seeing her finally get her happy ending in that regard. There was one moment where I felt the author threw in some unnecessary misunderstanding for artificial tension. But it passed quickly enough.

I enjoyed the plot and seeing characters from past books. A certain pet peeve of mine is when authors bring in the “I knew Merlin” (or Cleopatra, or Ghandi, or any other well known historical/mythological person). So, this was a small irritant for me. But not much of one.

All in all, This was just another very enjoyable book from Roman and the narrator again did a wonderful job. She brings Sunshine to life so well.

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