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Book Review of Forbidden Blood, by Anna Wineheart

I received a copy of Forbidden Blood from the author,  Anna Wineheart for the purposes of review.

Description from Goodreads:
Since he killed a vampire eight months ago, Oriel has been on the run. The coven wants him dead, and the feds want his blood to eradicate the vampires. Exhausted, he sneaks into an obscure mansion, rummaging for food. What he doesn’t know: a vampire lives there.

Three centuries ago, a human lover betrayed Seb, selling him to the hunters for some quick gold. When his chef quits, Seb is left hanging… until he finds the thief in his garage. He captures Oriel, only to discover that Oriel needs protection. And the one thing Seb wants? A purpose to his life again.

Oriel sets one condition when Seb hires him: Seb cannot drink his blood. Except Oriel’s blood tempts him from a distance, tempts him in bed. If he tastes it, he’ll be addicted, completely dependent on Oriel. And the hotter Oriel kindles his desire, the harder it is for Seb to stay away.

This wasn’t necessarily bad if you’re into the whole instant lust, instant love, instant meaningful relationship sort of story. The problem is that I really am not. What’s more, I like a little world building in my vampire stories, even novella length ones, and there isn’t any here.

For me, the problem isn’t that the story is underdeveloped, though it is, the problem is that this particular story has been written again and again and again and again and again. While the idea of a human with addictive blood might be interesting (though I’m sure I’ve come across it already) the idea of an immortal meeting their mate, falling into INSTANT sex (even though one is supposedly in fear of their life) and then instant love, one leaving to protect the other, the one left behind protecting the leaver in some moment of mortality, a sacrifice being made and then them making up and living happily every after, with all challenges magically swept away is just so done, I mean DONE. To call this story predictable is an understatement. I had hoped for a lot more out of it.

The writing and editing were fine.