It’s “Bound by Blood” week


I admittedly have a rather large library. Between my bought books, freebie books, gifted books, review request books and won books (both physical and e-book, but mostly e-book) I have almost 3,500 books on my TBR.

Now, like most people, some of those are reference books, some are classics I swore to myself I’d read someday, some are gifts or requests that I’m not really interested in reading but can’t bring myself to toss, some are sequels in series I’m not interested in finishing, etc. My point is that I have almost 3,500 books listed as To Be Read, but we all know I won’t and never intended to read all ~3,500.

But when your library start to reach those sorts of numbers you expect to  find titles repeating. And here we get to the crux of this challenge. I happened to notice recently that I have five books titled Bound By Blood on my ebook shelf and I joked that it would be fun to read them all at once. Then, I stopped and decided that wasn’t so much a joke, as something I could actually do. They all happen to be either stand alone books or first in a series. So, why not?

For the next week or so, that’s what I’m doing. I’m challenging myself to read all five of them back to back.* They are (in alphabetical order):


It’s tempting to expand on this idea. I have another whole series titled Bonded by Blood, at least two books called Blood Bound, and M.F. Soriano’s Blood Brothers (Bound by Blood, #1). But I’m sticking to my guns here and maintaining the exact phrasing of Bound by Blood. Pending none end up on the Did Not Finish pile, each will have a review-post in the coming week and if there is anything of interest in the similarities/differenced (for example, I think they are all vampire books) I’ll write a concluding post. Look forward to it.

*I’m not OCD, but I have a few OCD-like moments. That there are 5, not 6 books on this list and therefore the last row is incomplete, leaving the whole thing looking staggered was almost enough to force me to buy another book by this title just to fill the spot. I resisted, but just barely. 



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