Review of Adrenaline, by Robert Young

AdrenalineI was sent a Smashwords coupon for a review copy of Robert Young‘s Adrenaline. However, I also notice it is currently free both on Smashwords and on Amazon (or was at the time of posting.)

Description from Goodreads:
Two complete strangers are attacked and remember nothing until a number of strange changes come over them. An aversion to daylight, a mysterious, raging hunger and heightened abilities and senses all point to one thing, but neither man can accept the truth until they are confronted by it. But more than this, they also realise that they have become prey and must join forces to survive.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this book. The synopsis is pretty vague. But I’m sure I didn’t dare hope to find such good writing, interesting characters and quite so much action.

Admittedly, I noticed a few missing words and editorial mistakes and it takes quite a while for the reader to figure out what is going on (though to be fair, it takes the main character a while too, so that’s perhaps forgivable). The main character’s wilful ignorance or denial last longer than seems otherwise tenable, there is quite a lot of seemingly aimless running about, and the help that arrived at the end was awful convenient. But despite that, I really enjoyed the psychology (for lack of a better description) of discovering yourself changing into an impossibility. I liked the diametric natures of Roth and John. There are enough twists to keep the reader engaged, but not so many that you start to feel manipulated. And while there is apparently a sequel, Phoenix, coming out the book ends satisfactorily. No precipitous cliffhanger.

I quite enjoyed this one and have no qualms recommending it to fans of vampire (of the not quite sparkly, though not quite gothic sort) fiction.

4 thoughts on “Review of Adrenaline, by Robert Young

    1. Sadie Post author

      Thanks, Jennifer. It was interesting, while vampire definitely seemed to be on the table here, the word is never actually used in the book. But it was fun watching the two men respond so differently to their circumstances.

      All the best.

  1. Rob Young

    Hey, just wanted to thank you for giving this your time and the effort of reviewing it too, it is much appreciated.

    I’ve just published a new version with tidied up grammar having spotted a few problems (and been panned for it on Amazon!) which really ought not to have made it past my proofreading.

    Anyway, thanks again.


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