#ReadDiverse2017 update, 10 points

Wow, I feel like I just did the update saying I’d earned my 5 point badge, meaning I’d reviewed 5 books for this particular challenge, and now I’m back with the 10 point badge.

10 point badge for what, you ask? Well, the #ReadDiverse2017, which is hosted by the Read Diverse Book blog, of course. It’s fairly self explanatory, as far as challenges go. The idea is to read and review diverse books.

Eligibility being (and I’m quoting the RDB blog, here):

  1. Books written by people of color or Native/Indigenous Peoples
  2. Books about people with disabilities (physical, neurodiversity, etc.)
  3. Books with LGBTQIA protagonists or about LGBTQIA issues 
  4. Books with practicing Muslim, Jewish, Hindu (i.e. non-Christian) MCs
    • Please prioritize #ownvoices for this category

Marginalized authors take priority for #ReadDiverse2017. At all times, please consider reading books written by POC, Indigenous, LGBTQIA, and Disabled authors, #ownvoices whenever possible.These will always qualify, whether they are #ownvioces or not. If a straight, white, able-bodied author writes a book with a straight, able-bodied POC protagonist, the book will not qualify. UNLESS that book is intersectional. For example, if the protagonist is a POC and Queer or disabled, then the book will qualify. I make this distinction because books with Queer/disability representation are more rare than books with POC/Indigenous rep and there are some great books out there with Queer/disability rep by non-mariginalized authors. I also encourage you to seek out books with plus-sized/fat protagonists, especially if they have other marginalizations, such as plus-sized+POC/Queer/Disabiled.

Now that badges have started arriving I want to take a moment to thank Nazahet Hernandez for keeping this all organized. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, but I’ve really enjoyed being able to browse everyone’s reviews for inspiration. I don’t know how much more weight my TBR can take though.

Anyhow, earning a ten point badge, means I’ve reviewed ten books qualifying for the challenge. I listed the first five here, when I got the 5 point badge. As a reminder, they were:

  1. Blood Stained Tea
  2. When I’m Bad, I’m Better
  3. Restless Spirits
  4. Kamikaze: Run Rabbit Run
  5. Ansible x 3

The last five books I submitted were:

I rather enjoy the badge collecting. Yes, it probably trivializes a rather serious lack of diversity in the publishing industry. I can’t help but be aware of that. But hopefully by bringing attention to the deficit the challenge makes up for making a game out of it. That’s how I’m choosing to look at it, anyhow. Anyhow, I’m off until next time.

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