Review of J.L.M. Visada’s Midnight Squad: The Grim

4 thoughts on “Review of J.L.M. Visada’s Midnight Squad: The Grim

  1. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Ummm, wow. This is a real book? Is this targeting men intentionally or is it being sold as a romance for ladies? I don’t really see most women being the main audience for a book about four of them sexing up one guy to the degree that he’s constantly getting a good morning blow job. That’s totally a man fantasy. The woman’s version is having an orgasm every single time (often more than one and at the same time as the dude).

    At least they do make fun of him. Better a harem with a sense of humor, I suppose!

  2. Sadie Post author

    Yes, it’s real. I didn’t really noticed it to be marketed to either males or females, but I bet it doesn’t take too long for the reviews to make it clear who should be reading it. Other than the editing, it really was pretty well written though. So, I’m not trashing the book. I’m just not the intend demographic. (And I agree with you’re synopsis of the female fantasy. *wink*)

  3. J.L.M. Visada

    Thanks for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed some parts (the humor), and I’m sorry about the parts you didn’t like. I really appreciate that you took the time for such a thorough review, and yes there is a sequel coming. I’m midway through chapter 3, so I have a ways to go. I put this in the thank you on the review you gave me on amazon, but some people don’t read those so I figured I’d pass it on to you here. In answer to what demographic I wrote it for. Honestly the person I wrote it for was my wife. I love making her smile and laugh so when I’m type-type-typing along it’s really with her in mind, and anyone else that enjoys it is really just an added perk. It’s the frosting on the cake…the gravy on my biscuit…..mmmm biscuits. Sorry I got distracted. Anyway, yes there is a sequel. This time it’ll be written from DD’s point of view, but I want to avoid saying anything more about that because it is still really early in the writing and I don’t want to promise stuff that I can’t deliver. But thank you again, and I really do appreciate that you took the time to discuss my work. I honestly have been surprised by how well it’s doing. It’s paid for my kindle addiction for the month. Whoo-hoo! Thanks again.

    1. Sadie Post author

      Biscuits, there are biscuits?…oh wait, not the point. Thanks for taking the time to comment. You really have a great sense of humour and it comes through loud and clear. I really did enjoy that and I wasn’t kidding when I said that I loved the colonel. He was an awesome character. I think the book is just taken largely from a male POV and as a female that was a little alienating. That’s not really a criticism and, in fact, might not even hold true for all women. Either way you’ve got some stellar talent there.


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