Acevedo, Mario The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

Albanna, Tamara & Baartz, Arna My Name is Inanna 

Albert, Annabeth Off Base

Anderson, Kevin J. The Dragon Business

Andrews, Ilona Magic Shifts, Clean Sweep

Annino, Barbra The Bitches of Everafter

Arroway, Sage Apollo Rising

Ash, Aimee, Blood Moon


Baray, Kate Spirelli Paranormal Investigations

Barkan, Josh Mexico: Stories

Bartlett, Neil Skin Lane

Bateman, Sonya Wrong Side of Hell

Beecroft, Alex The Wages of Sin

Bein, Steve Year of the Demon

Belcher, R. S. The Six-Gun Tarot

Bell, E. D. E. The Banished Craft

Bellet, Annie Justice Calling

Billione No Tea. No Shade.

Black, Jasper Swallow You Whole

Black, Tasha Reconstructed

Bouchet, Amanda A Promise of Fire

Bowen, Lila Wake of Vultures

Box, C. J. Open Season

Briggs, Patricia Fire Touched

Brockmann, Suzanne Born to Darkness

BrockMeier, Kevin The Brief History of the Dead

Brooks-Dalton, Lily Good Morning, Midnight

Bryan, J. L, Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper

Bryan, Mary Ellen Scarlett’s Journey Home

Buroker, Lindsay Balanced on the Blade’s Edge

Byrde, Anne-Katrin Under the Dragon’s Spell


Cane, Laken Shiv Crew

Carey, Mike The Devil You Know, Vicious Circle

Cashore, Kristin Graceling

Chandler, Julie Kirtón Lyovitalis

Chansky, Robert Hundred Ghost Soup

Charles, K. J. Think of England, Jackdaw, Wanted, A Gentleman

Cho, Zen Sorcerer of the Crown

Cie, Jennifer Burn It

Coelho, Paulo The Alchemist

Cogman, Genevieve The Masked City

Collins, Manda Ready Set Rogue

Connolly, Tina Ironskin

Cook, Thomas H. Sandrine’s Case

Cooper, Lia The Omega Prince

Cosmo, Hurri Hyden’s Law

Cross, Amy Eli’s Town

Cullinan, Heidi Clockwork Heart, Dance With Me

Cummings, Carole Blue on Black

Cymri, Chrys Penny White and the Temptation of Dragons


Dahlberg, Jeannine Riding the Tail of the Dragon

Dalzelle, Joshua Omega Rising

Dare, Kim With a Kiss

Deckard, Bey Caged, Sacrificed

Dee, Bonnie & Devon, Summer The Nobleman and the Spy

Dellamonica, A. M. Indigo Springs

Dixon, Ruby Ice Planet Barbarians

Donnelly, Alianne Blood Moons

Donovan, Jessie Sacrificed to the Dragon

Drummond, India Blood Faerie

Dunbar, Debra A Demon Bound

Durrani, Haris A. Technologies of the Self

Durreson, Amy Rae The Lodestar of Ys


Easterling, Aimee Dark Wolf Adrift

Ehsani, Vered Ghosts of Tsavo

Eliason, R. J. Zoey and the Zombies

Erickson, Megan & Hassell, Santino Strong Signal, Fast Connection


Fairfield, J. T. Caged in Myth

Fiddler, Angela Lineage

Frey, J. M. The Untold Tale


Gilman, Carolyn Ives Isles of the Forsaken

Glassman, Shira The Second Mango

Gleason, Colleen The Rest Falls Away

Gray, Celilia The Gentleman Next Door series

Gray, J. R. Legally Bound

Griffith, B. B. Follow the Crow


Haldeman, Joe Guardian

Hale, Ginn Lord of the White Hill (1 & 2), Champion of the Scarlet Wolf (1 & 2)

Hall, Alexis Pansies

Harner, Laura Broken SEAL

Harper, S. J. Captured

Harris, Carrie Illegal Alien

Hartnady, Charlene Omega

Hassell, Santino Sunset Park, Interborough

Hawk, Jordan L. Hexbreaker

Helling, Olivia Snowmancer

Hennessey, Judith First Rodeo

Henry, Deborah The Whipping Club

Herbert, Frank The Green Brain

Holt, Cheryl Only You

Hoppa, Stephen Omega to the Ranchers

Howard, Greg Blood Divine

Hunter, James A. Strange Magic


Ivie, Jackie Knight After Night


Jakes, S. E. No Boundaries 

James, Elliott Charming

James, Silver Blood Moon

Jane, Alex Home is Where You Are, Returning Home

Jayne, Hannah Under Wraps

Johnson, Suzanne Royals Street, River RoadElysian Fields

Jones, Jaida & Bennett, Danielle Havemercy

Joss, Sharon Destiny Blues


Kang, Han The Vegetarian

Knight, Francis Fade to Black

Knox, Elizabeth The Vintner’s Luck

Kova, Elise The Alchemists Loom

Krall, Jordan Beyond the Valley of the Apocalypse Donkeys

Krentz, Jayne Ann Copper Beach


Lane, Jex Captive

Lang, Michele Lady Lazarus

Larkin, Kellan Alpha’s Surprise Baby

Larson, Kirby Liberty

Laurent, Lucia In Vogue

Law, Del Beasts of the Walking City

Leah, Archer Kay For the Clan

Lee, Jessica Bloodlines

Leigh, Garrett Between Ghosts

Lemus, Felicia Luna Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties

Lerner, Rose Sweet Disorder

Lewis, Beth The Wolf Road

Lind, Werner Lifeblood

Lionsdrake, Ruby Mercenary Instinct


MacAlister, Katie Dragon Fall

Mallory, H. P. Fire Burn and Caldron Boil

Marsh, Taylor The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen

Matheson, Richard I am Legend & Other Stories

McInerney, Lisa The Glorious Heresies

Meister, Kristina Craving, The One We Feed

Merrow, J. L. Pressure Head, Relief Valve, Heat Trap

Michael, Sean Branded by Flames

Miéville, China The City & the City

Milan, Courtney The Heiress Effect

Moodysson, Coco Never Goodnight

Morgan, Alexis Dark Warrior Unleashed

Morgenstern, Erin The Night Circus


Naughton, Elisabeth Enslaved

Nin, Anaïs (attributed to) White Stains

Nowlan, Anya Billionaire Dragon’s Bride


O’Clare, Lorie Taming Heather

Older, Daniel José Half-Resurrection Blues

Olsen, Brian Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom

Ottoman, EE Documenting Light, The Mechanical Universe

Owens, Robin D. Ghost Seer

Owens, Tricia The Sorcerer’s Betrayal


Pacat, C. S. Captive Prince, Prince’s Gambit, King’s Rising

Painter, Kristen The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride, Blood Rights

Palacio, Derek The Mortifications

Parrish, Roan In the Middle of Somewhere

Perdita, Zoe Omega in the Shadows

Pillen, Joan Prairie Magic

Powers, Stephen S. The Dragon Round

Powers, Tim On Stranger Tides

Preston, Irene & Rancourt, Liv Vespers, Bonfire

Price, Jordan Castillo Hemovore

Prior, D. P. Husk: Hunt or be Hunted

Puig, Yvonne Georgina A Wife of Noble Character


Quinn, Jay Back Where He Started


Raybourn, Deanna A Curious Beginning, A Perilous Undertaking

Reece, Jordan The Seer

Reichs, Kathy Déjà Dead

Resnick, Mike The Buntline Special

Reynolds, Joshua The Whitechapel Demon

Ricci, Caitlin Almost Paradise

Riggs, Ransom Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Ripper, Kris Gays of Our Lives

Rivard, Viola Trust: Running With Alphas

Rock, J. A. The Silvers

Roger, Chris Dinesen All Plants are Edible Once

Russell, E. J. Stumptown Spirits

Ryan, Evie Surrender: Blood Moon

Ryan, John Joseph A Bullet Apiece


Saintcrow, Lilith Steelflower, Trailer Park Fae

Sanders, B. R. Ariah

Sarge, K. D Captain’s Boy

Sasaki, S. E. Welcome to the Madhouse

Saunders, Niels Mervyn vs. Dennis

Scamvougeras, Anton Dysconnected

Scharon, Connie C. The Strange Tale of Samantha Ravenwood

Sebastian, Cat The Soldier’s Scoundrel 

Silver, Starla Demon Street Blues, Alpha Knows Best, Bye Bye Bloodsucker

Smith, Victoria G. Faith Healer

Sorensen, Stephanie R. Toru: Wayfarer Returns

Sparks, Brenda Alpha Mine

Specter, Wolf Omega’s Touch

Speedwell, Rowan Bitterwood

St. Clair, Georgette The Alpha Meets His Match

Stacey, William Black Monastery

Starkey, C. J. Dragon’s Treasure

Starling, Isobel Detective Fox and the Christmas Caper

Steele, Abraham Fated Dates, Mating Addiction

Stein, Charlotte Sweet Agony

Stivali, Karen Moments in Time

Summers, Ella Magic Eclipse

Sutherland, J. A. Into the Dark

Swan, Rosa & Wolf, Specter Fated Nights


Tan, Amy The Hundred Secret Senses

Taylor, Lola Fever: Blood Moon Rising

Todd, Charles A Duty to the Dead

Tyler, Paige Hungry Like the Wolf


Uy, Steve Feather


Van Cleve, Michael Child of the Sun 1 & 2


Walker, Brandy Craving More

Ward, J. R. The Beast

Watt-Evans, Lawrence The Unwilling Warlord

Wetzel, Julie On the Accidental Wings of Dragons

White, Rachel Glove of Satin, Glove of Bone

White, Thaddeus Sir Edric’s Temple

Wilder, Adrienne In the Absence of Light

Wiley, Richard Bob Stevenson


Xuemei, Meg X The Siren


Yanez, Jonathan & Baker, Apryl The Decadia Code

Young, Amanda Pyromancer


Zinovieff, Sofka The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me 

Novelettes/Novellas (<100 pg)

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Novelette Clear Out, part 2

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