By Author


Abbey, Lynn Unicorn & Dragon

Abercrombie, Joe Best Served Cold

Acosta, Marta Happy Hour at Casa Dracula

Adrian, Lara (as Tina St. John) Heart of the Hunter

Albert, Melissa The Hazel Wood

Allmon, Don The Glamour Thieves, Apocalypse Alley, The Burning Magus

Andrews, Ilona Sweep in Peace, One Fell Sweep

Arden, Blaine D. Aliens, Smith and Jones

Armstrong, Kelley Bitten, Stolen, Cainsville Series


Bear, Elizabeth New Amsterdam

Beukes, Lauren Zoo City

Blackmore, Heather It’s Not a Date

Blooding, S. M. Whiskey Witches (#1-4)

Bode, Michael J. The Queen of Lies

Brant, Marilyn Take a Chance on Me

Brodsky, Jordanna Max Winter of the Gods


Cardamone, Tom The Lurid Sea

Carnevale, Vanessa The Florentine Bridge

Carriger, Gail/G. L. Marine Biology, Prudence, Etiquette & Espionage

Casey, Nicole Hot Flash

Castellucci, Cecil & Rugg, Jim Janes in Love

Cerveny, Catherine The Rule of Luck

Chambers, Becky The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Chast, Roz Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

Christie, Agatha Crooked House

Clark, P. Djèlí  The Black God’s Drums

Cline, Ernest Ready Player One

Cole, Alyssa A Princess in Theory

Cole, Myke The Armored Saint

Cooper, Lia Death Days

Corey, James S. A. Leviathan Wakes

Coulson, Clara Soul Breaker

Craddock, Curtis An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors


Datlow, Ellen (Editor) Mad Hatters and March Hares

Davin, Felicia Thornfruit

Del Toro, Guillermo & Kraus, Daniel The Shape of Water

Devenport, Emily Medusa Uploaded

Dilvar, Anand The Slave

Doty, J. L. Of Treasons Born

Dragon, Greg Dhata Mays

Duncan, Dave Ironfoot


Edge, Raymond Scott Last Witch of Cahokia

Elrod, P. N. Bloodlist

Estep, Jennifer Cold Burn of Magic


Fisher, Catherine Incarceron

Flower, Amanda Premeditated Peppermint

Ford, Catt Bullheaded

Ford, Jeffrey The Twilight Pariah

Fox, Harper Once Upon a Haunted Moor

Franzen, Jonathan The Twenty-Seventh City

Freeman, Maximus Consciousness Archaeology

French, Jonathan The Grey Bastards


Gallagher, Maggie Mae Anointed

Gladstone, Max Three Parts Dead

Groshek, Cory Breaking Away


Hall, Linsey Ancient Magic

Hawkins, Dawn Danny’s Grace

Hawkins, Jea Something About You

Heyer, Georgette The Grand Sophy

Hibbert, Talia Mating the Huntress

Hogan, Ruth The Keeper of Lost Things

Hogarth, M. C. A. Earthrise

Holmberg, Charlie N. Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

Hudson, Eden Revenge of the Bloodslinger


Idonea, Asta Cursed with Claws


Jackson, Katrina From Scratch

Jackson, Vivian Wanted & Wired

Jensen, Kelly Uncommon Ground, To See the Sun

Johnson, Chelsey Stray City

Johnson, Ines Moonlight


Kadrey, Richard The Wrong Dead Guy

Kafka, Franxz & Mairowitz, David Zane & Montellier, Chantal The Trial

Kelly, Ava Havesskadi

Khaw, Cassandra Food of the Gods

Klasky, Mindy The Library, the Witch, and the Warder

Klune, T. J. Ravensong


Lain, Tara Knight of Ocean Avenue

Le Guin, Ursula K. The Left Hand of Darkness

Lee, Mackenzi The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Lewis, Steven Loving Violet

Littlewood, Alison Cottingley

Lucens, Jude Behind These Doors


Madison, Shawntelle Coveted

McAtee, Martina Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

McCoy, Sarah Marilla of Green Gables

Milan, Courtney Trial by Desire

Moule, Vikkie Make ’em Laugh


Neale, Jen Land Mammals and Sea Creatures

Neill, Chloe Some Girls Bite, Friday Night Bites, Twice Bitten, Hard Bitten, Drink Deep

Newberry, Carrie Pick Your Teeth With My Bones


Okorafor, Nnedi Binti

Older, Daniel José Shadowshaper

Orton, D. L. Crossing in Time


Parin, Sonia Witch Inheritance

Patchett, Ann Commonwealth

Penman, G. D. The Year of the Knife

Perry, D. R. Bearly Awake

Puccia, Charles Ice Cream Man


Quick, Amanda Crystal Gardens


Rathbone, Wendy The Moonling Prince

Reed, Timmy Kill Me Now

Reichs, Brendan Nemesis

Reeve, Philip Mortal Engines

Richards, Dae Contemporary Draconic Hoarding Practices

Richardson, Kat Greywalker

Roman, Celia The Deep Wood, Cemetery Hill

Rourke, Stacey Crane, Raven, Steam


Sage, Angie Magyk

Sanders, Xen Shatterproof

Sapkowski, Andrzej The Last Wish

Sarah, Patrice The Sisters Mederos

Sebastian, Cat The Ruin of a Rake

Shaffer, Mary Ann & Barrows, Annie The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peal Pie Society

Shanley, Tera Silver Wolf Clan

Shaw, Vivian Strange Practice

Smart, Kit The Glass Admiral

Smith, Nicholas Sansbury Hell Divers (I, II, III)

Stiefvater, Maggie The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, All the Crooked Saints

Strange, T. Rook


Tahmaseb, Charity The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet

Theodore, R. J. Flotsam

Tran, Rebecca Neutral Space

Trent, Holly Prince in Leather


Unger, Lisa Ink and Bone


VanderMeer, Jeff Annihilation


Wells, Martha Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol

Whitehall, Alex Magic Runs Deep

Willink, Jocko Discipline Equals Freedom

Winston, Graham Ross Poldark

 Wong, Teresa Duryea Cotton & Indigo of Japan


Xuemei X, Meg Claim the Wolf King


Yang, J. Y. The Black Thread of Heaven


Zahn, Timothy Night Train to Rigel

Zilke, I. W. Siberian Shadows

BY Narrator

Bray, R. C. Hell Divers (I, II, III)

Cooney, C. S. E. & Summerer, Eric Michael Mad Hatters and March Hares

Corduner, Allan Magyk

Coulson, Christian The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Davis, Hope Commonwealth

Edwards, Barnaby Mortal Engines

Erin deWard & Levine, Noah Michael Crossing in Time

Eyre, Justine Crystal Garden

Gilbert, Tim Once Upon a Haunted Moor

Graves, Kirt Ravensong

Holloway, Cynthia Chicagoland Vampires

Krause, Karen The Legend Saga

Masters, Angèle The Florentine Bridge

McClain, Derrick Ice Cream Man

McCormick, Carolyn Annihilation

McDougall, Tucker Dhata Mays

Miles, Robin Binti

Munroe, Felicity Claim the Wolf King

Page, Michael Best Served Cold

Pope, Molly Ink and Bone

Prince, Lori Something About You, It’s Not a Date

Quirk, Moira Prudence, Etiquette & Espionage

Soler, Rebecca The Hazel Wood

Wheaton, Will Ready Player One

Whitener, Barrett Bloodlist

Winder, Rebecca The Deep Wood, Cemetery Hill

Wyman, Oliver The Wrong Dead Guy