Ahsanuddin, Arshad Sunset (Pact Arcanum)

Alexander, Harper Ace, Ace of Hearts (The Queen, the Jack, and the Master),

Alexander, S.B. On the Edge of Humanity

Allen, Shauna Inked by an Angel, The Halo Effect

Ambrose, Adrianne  Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice

Anderson, J. Allen Hearing the Ankou’s Cart

Antoine, Jacques Go No Sen (Girl Fights Back), Sen No Sen (Girl Punches Out), Girl Takes up Her Sword, High Road to the Mountain Gods

Archer, Sloan Mercy’s Debt

Arnold, Shevi Why My Life Sucks

Attard, Ryan First Born


Bachar, Robyn Blood, Smoke and MirrorsBewitched, Blooded and Bewildered

Bailey, Milissa R. Gracier

Bain, Sara The Sleeping Warrior

Baldwin, Marjorie F. Conditioned Response, Man Made Man

Barroldson, Barry Alien Chicks in Citrus Bras and Stalkers From Beyond the Stars, Nemesis Of The Cactus Uberlord

Barton, Kathi S. Natural Magick

Bennett, James Gordon My Father’s Geisha

Black, C.I. Immortal Coil

Blackport, John Raingun, Resolution

Blake, K.C. Vampire Rule

Blakely, Arlene Illegal Magic

Bockman, Michael The Titanic Plan

Boulanger, Linda Dance With the Enemy

Brandenburg, Karla Mist on the Meadow

Brewer, Laura Selarial’s Song (The Songs of Talmanor), Dream Song

Brighton, Lori The Ghost HunterThe Demon Hunter

Brook, Oldman The Wizard of Crescent Moon Mountain

Brown, Sandra Rainwater


Calderone, Justin LARP: The Battle For Verona

Carter, R.S. Days of Love and Blood

Channing, Wynne What Kills Me

Charles, Nicky The Mating, The Keeping, The Finding, Bonded, Betrayed: Days of the Rogue

Chase, Deanna Haunted on Bourbon Street

Coats, C.C. Claimed

Conn, Claudy Shadow Love: Stalkers, ShadowHeart Slayer

Conner, Meredith Allen Dead Vampires Don’t Date

Corvidae, Elaine The Sorceress’s Orc


d’Abo, Christine No Quarter

Dalglish, David The Weight of Blood

Davis, Alana Bonds of Attraction

Dawn, Autumn No Words Alone

Debelius, Michaela Decoy

Dimitriadis, Koraly Love and Fuck Poems

Dixon, Rachel H. Slippery Souls, The Forgotten Ones

Dutton, J.B.  Silent Symmetry


Eden, Tigris Enslaved in Shadows, Burned in Shadows

Edwards, Hailey A Hint of Frost

Emin, Rebecca A Knowing Look and Other Stories

English, Charlotte E. Draykon

Enthoven, Sam The Black Tattoo

Este, David Angel Evolution

Evangelista, Kate Taste


Fales, Jennifer The Seraph Contingency

Faulkner, Mark Flux

Fay, Kiersten Demon Possession

Fayne, L. S. Budding Magic, It’s Just Magic

Feehan, Christine Dark Prince

Fife, D. M. Light & Dark

Fletcher, Penelope Smolder

Folsom, Tina Scanguard Vampires Box Set

Forward, Zoe Dawn of a Dark Knight, Forgotten in Darkness

Fox, Haper Scrap Metal

Francis, Rachel Life on Fire

Frost, Jeaniene Halfway to the Grave, One Foot in the Grave, Once Burned, Twice Tempted

Frost, Kimberly Would-Be Witch


Gangnengyi Transfer Student

Gee, Rae Mars on the Rise, Selling Mars

Giammatteo, Giacomo Murder Takes Time, Murder Has Consequences, A Bullet for Carlos

Gibson, Natalie Ishtar Bound, Transit of Ishtar

Glass, Gary The Nirvana Plaque

Glover, Beaird Syd & Marcy

Grahame-Smith, Seth Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Green, Terry M. Shaman, Healer Heretic 

Greene, Deniece Treasure Tide

Grey, Shanon The Shoppe of Spells

Grosso, Kym Kade’s Dark Embrace


@hg47 Daughter Moon

Haines, Ann Brunswick

Hall, Rayne Storm Dancer

Hallowell, J.D. Dragon Fate

Harkness, Deborah A Discovery of Witches

Harner, Laura Honey House

Harner, L. & Webb, T.A. Alerted States, Deep Blues Goodbye, Dangerous Shades of Gold

Harper, Helen Bloodfire, Bloodmagic, Bloodrage

Hart, S.K. The Cat & the Crow, Swordmaster Dasa 1 & 2

Harte, Marie Tip of the Spear

Hautala, Rick The Demon’s Wife

Havens, Candace The Demon King and I, Dragons Prefer Blonds

Hawken, Tim Hellbound

Hawkins, Jaq D. The Wake of the Dragon

Hendrickson, Kevis Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter

Herman, Stephanie King’s Mark

Herz, Henry L. Nimpentoad

Heywood, B.D Eternal Samurai

Hildenbrand, Heather Dirty Blood

Hindle, Clive The Eighth Square

Hirano, Kohta Hellsing, Vol. 1

Hofland, Bria 42nd & Lex

Hofstrand, Skip Tears for Nanertak

Holland, Mary The Bone Road

Hudson, Snow Dr. Homebrew

Hughes, Roland John Smith – Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars

Hunter, Elizabeth A Hidden Fire

Hunter, R.S. The Exile’s Violin


Islip, Bryan More Deaths Than One


Jack, Genevieve The Ghost and the Graveyard

Jay, L. K. The Ghost Hunters Club

Jayne, Tenaya Forbidden Forest

Jones, Diana Wynne Howl’s Moving Castle

Jones, J. Carrell Grid Traveler Trilogy

Jones, Peter Evan The Shield


Kalnay, J. T. The Pattern

Kelly, Amanda Shifting Shadows

Kerkoff, Nicholas Be’askaas – Tales of Death and Redemption

Kerrion, Jade Perfection Unleashed

Khashoggi, Nabila Spartan & the Green Egg

Kilgore, C.E. Ghost in the Machine

King, Danny The Henchmen’s Book Club

King, Sara Alaskan Fire, Alaskan Fury

Klein, Louisa Supernatural Freak


Langlais, Eve Delicate Freakn’ Flower, Wickedest Witch, C791

Lavender, Cait Hunter Moon

Lee, Jay A. Grace Through Blood

Lee, Trina M. Once Bitten

Lee, Y. I. The Shadowed Valley

Levin, Tabitha The Feathered Lover

Love, Aimee Cry Baby Hollow

Lowe, Lyn Burnt

Lowell, Chanse Sleeves

Luedke, Travis The Nightlife: New York, The Nightlife: Las Vegas

Lund, S.E. Dominion, Ascension, Retribution

Lutz, Gena D. Ember’s Curse

Lynne, Donya Rise of the Fallen


Mallory, H.P. To Kill a Warlock and the Dulcie O’Neil Series

Marks, C.S. Elfhunter, The Fire King

McCloskey, Michael The Trilisk Ruins

McConnell, Patricia B. The Other End of the Leash

McCorkle, J. A. Mia

McCoy, Rosanna Soul Survivor

McDonald, Donna The Demon of Synar, The Demon Master’s Wife, The Siren’s Call

McGonagle, Joanne An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night

McKeown, Edward Once Was a Hero

McLaren, Franz Home Lost

McRitchie, C.L. Tallulah’s Got a Shopping Trolley

Michaels, Rayme Incorrigibility

Monsch, Danielle Stone Guardian

Murphy, R.C. Enslaved

Murray, J.L. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, The Devil is a Gentleman, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Devil Was an Angel


Naughton Elisabeth Marked, Entwined, Tempted

Nelson, Stephanie Craved

Novik, Naomi In His Majesty’s Service (His Majesty’s Dragon, Throne of Jade, lack Powder War)


O’Rourke, Tim Moonlight

Odunsi, Samuel Age of the Aura

Overfield, Aaron Veil


Page, Sharon Blood Red

Palmer, Pamela A Blood Seduction

Paludan, Eve &  Sharp, Stuart Witchy Business

Parker, Leigh 10 Ways to Kill a Cupid, 10 Ways to Piss Off a Reaper

Parker, P.L. The Chalice

Patton, Ripley Ghost Hand

Paxton, Guillermo The Plaza

Peach, Hanna Angelfire

Pedersen, J. A. Dark Flame Rising

Pepper, Elle Flag of Bones The voyages of the Dragon Wynd

Phoenix, Shannon Guardian of the Abyss

Popp, Robin T. Too Close to the Sun

Porter, R.G. Innok’s Curse


Quackenbush, Thomm We Shadows


Rayne, Barbara Nette

Revellian, Lexi Torbrek…and the Dragon Variation

Rhoads, Roxanne Hex and the Single Witch

Rich, Lani Diane Time Off for Good Behavior

Rogiers, Jos Message From a Hidden Past

Roquet, Angela Graveyard Shift, Pocket Full of Posies, For the Birds

Ross, Aubrey Untamed Hunger

Roth, Mandy M. Daughter of Darkness

Rowe, Stephanie Darkness Awakened, Darkness Seduced, Darkness Surrendered

Roy, Payal 12 Precious Ancedote From Life

Royce, Livia EMMAncipation

Ryan-Davis, Emily Dragon Call, Dragon Dance, Dragon Bound


Santiago, Charity & Hale, Evan The Vampire Next Door

Sax, Cynthia Lust by Moonbeam

Schiffbauer, Lara Finding Meara

Schriever, Norm Pushups in the Prayer Room

Scrieva, Nadia Drowning Mermaids

Secara, Maggie The Dragon Ring

Shea, K.M. Red Rope of Fate

Shury, Richard Rook

Skarica, Joso From Within

Skipper, Scott In the Blood

Smith, Frank W. Wolf Song

Smith, Helen Alison Wonderland

Sorensen, Jessica Darkness Falls, Darkness Breaks

Sparks, Brenda A Midsummer Night’s Demon

Stebbins, Erec Reader

Steele, Daniel Quentin When We Were Married 

Stewart, A.D. Black Pyramid

Stewart, Alexandra Last of His Kind

Stiefvater, Maggie Shiver

Stockman, Jolene Total Blueprint for World Domination

Strait, Daniel J. Trouganda

Stalbaum, C.E. The Last Goddess

Swank, Denise Grover Chosen

Swartz, K.T.  These Chains That Bind, Debtors Remorse, Carry Me Home


Tanigawa, Nagaru The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Thomas, Bryce Rhamin

Toppin, T.K. To Catch a Marlin



Valente, Catherynne M. In the Night Garden, In the Cities of Coin and Spice

Villarreal, Lori Twelfth Moon

Vincent, Rachel Soul Screamers (Vol. 1)

Visada, John Midnight Squad: The Grim


Walker, Melanie Bliss

Ward, J.R. Dark Lover, Lover Unleashed, Covet

Warneke, A.C. Awakening

Welsman, Kim Going Home

Wharton, Michael Electric Pigs

Wicklund, Cynthia Thief of Souls

Wilson, C.E. Oath of Servitude

Wolfe, Edwin The Eyes of the Desert Sand (Chrysalis Chronicles #1)

Wolfingbarger, Brent The Dirty Secret

Wong, Billy Iron Bloom

Woolply, Tara Raising Wild Ginger

Woodcock, Betty The Pram

Woolf, Cynthia Jenala

Wyatt, Casey Mystic Ink

Wylde, J.D. Karma in Camo



Young, Nathan Fire and Ice

Yrigollen, Astrid His Black Wings

Yun, Mi-Kyung Bride of the Water God


Zambito, Valerie Island Shifters

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