2022 Reviews

Monthly Reading Roundups

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a touch of light banner

Abdalla, Thiago – A Touch of Light

house of blood and gold banner

Abernathy, Raven – A House of Blood and Gold

Adderly, Eris – An Emperor for the Eclipse

blood of the pack banner

Alexander, Cassie – Blood of the Pack

love spells full moons and silver bullets

Allie, Cameron – Love Spells, Full Moons, & Silver Bullets

HEATHEN banner

Alterici, Natasha – Heathen (Omnibus)

grave's anatomy banner

Anderson, Jace & Gierasch, Adam – Graves’ Anatomy

ruby fever banner

Andrews, Ilona – Ruby Fever

sweep with me banner

Andrews, Ilona – Sweep With Me

gift of the gods banner

Ashwood, Eva – Gift of the Gods


luna wolf banner

Bailey, G. & Rosewood, Regan – Luna Wolf

legnds and lattes banner

Baldree, Travis – Legends & Lattes

no land for heroes banner

Black, Cal – No Land For Heroes

Deliciously Dark Fairytales banner

Breene, K.F. – A Ruin of Roses, A Throne of Ruin, A Kingdom of Ruin, A Queen of Ruin

tin cat banner

Buckley, Misa – Tin Cat



Calder, Alexis – Darkest Mate

the kait silver series banner

Cane, Laken – Broken Moon, Blood Magic

dragon assassin academy banner

Caruana, T.M. – Dragon Assassin Academy


Cervantes, J.C. – Flirting With Fate

mint freeze banner

Chase, Laurel – Mint Freeze

bad girls drink blood banner

Choi, S.L. – Bad Girls Drink Blood

claiming her beast banner

Cole, Dia – Claiming Her Beasts

Harrowing Roses banner

Cooper, Barbara – Harrowing Roses

stormbringer series banner

Cooper, Isabel – The Stormbringer, The Night Born, Blood and Ember


Cordon, Roma – Bewitching a Highlander


rest in pieces banner

Dark, Lucinda – Rest in Pieces

They Had Eyes of Silver

Davis, S.E. – They Had Eyes of Silver

TourBanner_Weep, Woman, Weep

De Blassie, Maria – Weep, Woman, Weep

petals and poison banner

Dylan, Jess – Petals and Poison



Erman, Matthew – Witchblood

a sense of danger banner

Estep, Jennifer – A Sense of Danger


Darkness Unknown banner

Fenech, Selina A. – Darkness Unknown

the navajo event banner

Fishman, Rick – The Navajo Event



Gateley, Kate – Tides of the Sovereign

the city between series banner

Gingell, W.R. – Between Jobs, Between Shifts, Between Floors, Between Frames, Between Homes, Between Cases, Between Walls, Between Decisions, Between Family, Between Kings

the first starfighter banner

Goodwin, Grace – The First Starfighter

her wolfin the wild banner

Gray, Rien – Her Wolf in the Wild

one dark and froggy night BANNER

Greenberg, Jade – One Dark and Froggy Night

dragon mate banner

Grey, Jen L. – Dragon Mate


wake of the phoenix banner

Harper, Chelsea – Wake of the Phoenix

becoming crone banner

Hawke, Lydia M. – Becoming Crone

the darkest vampire banner

Haygert, Juliana – The Darkest Vampire


Speechless in Achten Tan Tour-Banner

Ianeu-Haddad, Debbie – Speechless in Achten Tan

fae bound banner

Inkwell, Verity & Winters, Aspen – Fae Bound


two sisters banner

Jacobson, Kara – The Intra-Earth Chronicles: The Two Sisters

The KC Warlock Weekly Accused Tour Banner

Jolley, M. N. – Accused


my alcoholic escape from reality

Kabi, Nagata – My Alcoholic Escape From Reality


Kallan, Selene – Huntress Prey

aurora's end banner

Kauffman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay – Aurora’s End

consort to a dark fae banner

Kilburn, S.K. – Consort to a Dark Fey

nettle and bone banner

Kingfisher, T. – Nettle & Bone


deceived by the gargoyles banner

Lark, Lillian – Deceived by the Gargoyles

these darker streets banner

Linhardt, Abigail – These Darker Streets

magic dark magic divine banner

Locke, A.J. – Magic Dark, Magic Divine


alien abduction for beginners banner

MacKinnon, Skye – Alien Abduction for Beginners

of blades and shadows banner

Manuel, Belle – Of Blades and Shadows

eclipsed heart banner

Margaret, K. & Avery, Dagmar – Eclipsed Heart

stone and steel banner

Marie, Annette -Chase the Dark & Bind the Soul

the one and only crystal druid banner

Marie, Annette – The One and Only Crystal Druid

a marvelous light banner

Marske, Freya – A Marvellous Light

blood and fire banner

Mullican, Kim – Blood and Fire


speciman one banner

Nightly, Ever – Beautiful Thing, Beautiful Lies, Beautiful Agony

ravens cry banner

Nottingham, Charlie – Raven’s Cry


the grimm cases banner

Oweds, Lyla – Origins, Ghost, Blood, Hidden, Balance


the lost apothecary banner

Penner, Sarah – The Lost Apothecary

mayhem in hell banner

Peyerk, Kaylin – Mayhem In Hell

stolen by her wolves banner

Peyerk, Kaylin – Stolen by her Wolves

graced banner

Pillar, Amanda – Graced

something darker banner

Price, S.A. – Something Darker



the rise of chaos banner

Reed, Aeyla – The Rise of Chaos

a duke, the lady, and a baby banner

Riley, Vanessa – A Duke, The Lady, and a Baby

nikolai banner

Rivera, Roxie – Nikolai, Nikolai 2

Rogers, Victoria Rogers – The Witch and the Dreamwalker


Romero, Daniela / Annett, Danielle – Wicked Savage Wolves


TourBanner_Dawn of a Demon

Schulz, Christine – Dawn of a Demon

free dive banner

Shelford, Emma – Free Dive

a mage's guide to human familiars

Sherwood, A.J.- A Mage’s Guide To Human Familiars

the beast banner

Snow, Jenika – The Beast

army of the cursed banner

Soliman, Karim – Army of the Cursed


Spade, Carly – Zeus

mated to the monster banner

Spade, Sarah – Mated to the Monster

love and curse making banner

St. Clare, Kelly – Love & Curse Making

speak of the demon banner

Stark, Stacia – Speak of the Demon


daughter of the moon goddess banner

Tan, Sue Lynn – Daughter of the Moon Goddess

Tow Away Zone

Towndrow, Chris – Tow Away Zone

chaos banner

Trepagnier, J.B. – Chaos



Vale, Maria – Wolf in the Shadows

second star tot he left banner

Van Dyke, Megan – Second Star to the Left


behind the throne banner

Wagers, K.B. – Behind the Throne

the witch collector banner

Weaks, Charissa – The Witch Collector

ta white banner

White, T.A. – Dragon Ridden, Of Bone and Ruin

devilish deal banner

Wolfhart, Jenna – Devilish Deal


grandmaster of demon cultivation banner

Xiù, Mò Xiāng Tóng – Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

heaven officials blessing banner

Xiù, Mò Xiāng Tóng – Heaven Official’s Blessing

the scum villains self saving system

Xiù, Mò Xiāng Tóng – The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System



January Short stories, Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend Short Stories